J-Talks on G-Chat

30 Sep

Recently, one of my really good friends started a job in local news out in San Francisco. (Patrick, COME BACK!) As entry-level journalists, he and I have had some very similar experiences–rocky starts, doubts over whether we’ve made the right career choice, elation when we realize we have, and experiencing the ups and downs of working in news. We basically live duel lives.

Thankfully, he and I have been chit chatting via g-chat, and it’s really nice to have someone who truly understands what it’s like to work in journalism, who’s also not your coworker, or your boss. Usually, when I talk about work with people who aren’t in the media, they don’t fully comprehend what is really involved in the day-to-day business of my job. They don’t understand why I work until 9:00 at night, they don’t get why it’s crucial that they watch a piece I’ve been slaving over for weeks, they don’t understand the tiny minutia of making sure we have the picture of the guy in the blue tie, instead of the picture of him in the red tie. Plus, so many of my conversations end up with me defending my job, over cries that the media is too intrusive, that we make a big deal out of nothing…doesn’t anybody understand that that’s the POINT??

My job is basically my entire life, with any spare time relegated to getting to and from. It’s been tough keeping in touch and getting together with all of my friends, who have patiently listened to my moaning and misery, and then my elation and elan. Frankly, without them, I’d probably be blogging from room 4C at Bellevue if it wasn’t for their humor, their ears, and their comfortable futons.  Well, let’s be honest here…my sanity is most definitely dependent on their futons. Totally.


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