Mission Accomplished

26 Oct

Aaaaannnnd I still have a job! Phew! I kid, I kid, but this weekend went really quite wonderfully! Everyone made their flights, saving me from making frantic phone calls to our corporate travel department, everyone had a hotel room, saving me from sleeping in the lobby of the Opryland Hotel, and the catering showed up, saving us all from being hungry.  Things pretty much went on without a hitch, and I got to enjoy some bonding time with my boss, free meals, and a king sized bed! Business trips are awesome.

The best thing about this weekend was the group dinner on Friday night. Everyone on the trip got together to swap stories and share a (rather expensive, though not on my dime!) meal, and it was actually a little surreal! I remember not too long ago being enamored and intimidated by the higher-ups and successful journalists I work with, and now I was sitting across the table from them! It was like all of my career aspirations were in the flesh, picking at pistachio crusted salmon and dabbing sauce off their chins. Pretty weird.

For my part, I managed to remain relatively calm and non-awkward throughout the weekend. I refrained from my horrible, mildly offensive Southern accent,  made charming conversation, and shook hands and made eye contact at the appropriate times. And when I got on the plane Sunday night, I breathed a sigh of relief that lasted until we pulled up to the gate at Laguardia airport!


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