28 Oct

Today ends the longest swath of time I have worked consecutively….a whopping twelve days in a row! This officially takes my workaholic status to new heights.

It’s been an intense twelve days! Last week was spent in a manic haze making never-ending arrangements for my business trip, the weekend was spent praying to God all those arrangements took flight, and this week has been spent making more arrangements for different projects, while working on two others at the same time. No surprise, I’m tired and am getting a cold. I might even have a fever. Sigh.

Listen, I love my job, but twelve days of it is a little much. Sometimes I find the weekends a little boring, but now every minute of this day is dragging! I can’t wait to get home, put on my pajamas, and not move from the couch. I can’t wait to do my laundry! (And neither can my coworkers….) I can’t wait to eat a meal that’s not microwaved!

The crazy thing about this job is that I will spend the next two weeks running around like a maniac working to get our project to air, and then will promptly spend the following two weeks twiddling my thumbs. I’ll be aching for the frenetic pace of my days now, ready to pounce on any task that’s handed over. But right now, I just want to sleep in past 7 am. Please. That’s all I want. And of course a non-traumatizing Friday-night commute. Now that  may be too impossible a feat.


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