Delivery Fee

8 Nov

Before I moved into my own apartment, I had lived in a college dorm, furnished with a particle board desk and a plastic mattress; a Brooklyn apartment with roommates, outfitted with garage sale finds and our parents’ old living room set; and at home with my parents, which is filled with a lot of cherry wood and micro-suede.

Now that it’s time to furnish my own studio apartment, I’m basically starting from scratch. I already had my bed, a dresser, and a bookshelf to get me started, but when you really think about the contents of a home, there are so many little details and so many large–and expensive–pieces of furniture to purchase! I needed a sofa and a coffee table for classy living, an easy chair for reading and sipping hot chocolate on cold winter nights, a writing desk to house my artfully stacked thesaurus and AP Style book, a butcher block kitchen cart to fulfill every New York City apartment tableau, and a kitchen table to entertain my legions of guests!

Before I moved in, I managed to buy the sofa and the coffee table, which meant that I had a delivery man (my dad) carry it up to my apartment for me. The rest of this stuff however, was on my shoulders…literally (har har har). But last Friday night, I found both a kitchen table and my butcher-block kitchen cart on Craigslist, saw it, and was ready to throw it in a cab, when the seller said those three magic words, “I can deliver!” I was sold, and we set up a time for her to swing by and drop the stuff off on Saturday morning.

Fast forward to Sunday night. After texting me to reschedule ten different times, casting off my offers to just pick it up myself, and leaving me stranded in my apartment waiting for her to drive the forty blocks from her apartment to mine, she finally called to tell me she was five minutes away. And o yea, would I mind throwing in some extra cash because she was delivering it to my place? It seems only fair, right??

Ok. Now listen. It would have cost me money to put the stuff in the trunk of a cab, I get that. But why not mention the extra charge in one of the 36 texts she sent me?  Why not mention it on Friday night when I thanked her for offering? Why not mention it more than 5 MINUTES BEFORE ARRIVING TO MY PLACE? And what was I supposed to do, say no? I wanted my kitchen cart, people!

So when she finally arrived and dumped the stuff on the sidewalk in front of my building, I was a little perturbed. She started in on her whole sob story, but sensing my irritation, cut to the chase by saying she wasn’t going to make a big deal out of something “so silly.” Except that she JUST DID. Whatever. That’s what you get when you buy furniture from a crazy person on Craigslist. I have learned my lesson.  ….O hey look! There’s this easy chair listed in Astoria…he says he’ll deliver!


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