Goodbye Caesar

5 Dec

I’ve been trying to save my pennies lately, what with the impending holidays and the laundry list of items on my apartment wish list, so I’ve started bringing my lunch more often. Usually, I’ll make a salad, and the other day I bought a bottle of salad dressing to leave at work, so I can avoid lying through my teeth at the corner cafe. There’s only so many times you can “forget to ask for dressing” on a delivery order you never made!

When I brought the dressing in last week, the bottle was brand new. I don’t go crazy with my salad dressing, which is why this afternoon, when I went to drizzle some Caesar-y goodness on my lettuce, I was a bit surprised to discover the bottle was half gone! Someone has apparently been drenching their lunch in the tangy goodness of my generic brand salad dressing!

Now it’s not like my office has a communal salad dressing pump or anything like that; the only thing that’s regularly replenished is the milk for coffee and tea, so the person chugging my dressing obviously knew that it wasn’t for the taking. I personally would be too nervous–knowing my luck, the owner would walk into the kitchenette mid-pour and chastise me publicly in front of my colleagues! “Behold the salad dressing moocher! She dared to season her bland lettuce leaves with the delectable flavor of Hidden Valley Ranch! Off with her head!” Since I’m not planning on organizing a stake out to catch the culprit, I’ll just have to accept that this is the price you pay when you share a mini-fridge with thirty people!


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