A Very Long Day

8 Dec

What a day! I just got home from work–it’s midnight, and I got in at 8 am! Do the math…that’s like two work days in one, serving as a monster, crazy-busy, ah-WOAH span of time! It’s been awhile since I had such a whopper of a day, and this has been an accelerating week of craziness. Monday started off with one project on the pike, Tuesday added another, Wednesday another….until today I was saddled with 4 different projects, working with 4 different groups, with one message: ALL OF THIS IS INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT AND NEEDS TO BE DONE ASAP!

Usually, I am a pretty fast worker. Put my mind to something, and I can knock it out in no time. But when my mind is being plied to act quickly, it freezes up and I can barely think straight. It’s hard to think through a single task when you have five others fighting for top billing, so I spend precious moments at the start trying to gather my thoughts. Once the fog clears and I make my lists and take some breathes, I’m good to go! And of course, you do get a lot done over the course of fifteen and a half hours, so at least there’s that.

My favorite part of a busy day is when everything finally clicks, and I really start to crank it out. Ask and you shall receive! Send and I will deliver! Tell me to jump and I’ll say how high! …I think you get the point. But at the end of the day, I can go to bed knowing I earned my keep. There is not a single item left uncrossed on my expansive to-do list. Yay journalism!

Of course, my second favorite part of a busy day is when I finally get home and promptly pass out from sheer exhaustion. Who cares that I’ll be up in less than eight hours to do it all over again! But no more thinking…time for sleep. That’s something my brain can focus on.


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