Secret Santa!

23 Dec

Have I mentioned lately how much I ADORE my job?! Between the cube decorating contest, the office holiday party, and the free Christmas cookies that got dropped off yesterday, work life is pretty grand. But throw in a Secret Santa party, and BOOM! Best week ever!

The past few weeks have been really fun, because I’ve been getting to know some of my coworkers a lot better. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been working a lot lately so I see them more often, or because I’ve been so much calmer and happier since moving to the city, but we have quite the little social circle at the office these days. And one of the most brilliant ideas to stem from our scheming was a Secret Santa.

Now the last time I did a Secret Santa was in 6th grade, and I don’t even remember what I received. All I know is that it was NOT a set of milky pens, and I was devastated. My family never really fares well in these random gift exchanges anyway–one year my sister got a bottle of nail polish with bite marks in the cap and a used barrette. Gross! But of course, this Secret Santa was organized to the T–we could even make a wish list, to avoid–as one co-worker put it–that “O…thankssss!!!” moment.

We had our little party yesterday, and everyone loved their gifts! I got my person a gift card, but tried to disguise it in a cupcake box. Despite the fact that she shook the box, flipped in over, and opened it upside down, the cupcake was miraculously still in tact! A Christmas miracle! And I got exactly what I asked for–a new pair of headphones! I’ve been blasting Christmas music all day–I’ve heard Sleigh Ride ten times so far…with full stereo mix in both ears!

It was a fun afternoon, and everyone walked away with some Christmas cheer and another nice work memory. Friends!

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