Joy to the World!

27 Dec

What a lovely weekend! Christmas was great this year, mostly because I wasn’t comatose! Last year, I worked the overnight shift at my old job on Christmas Eve and Christmas night, and spent the time in between napping and feeling miserable about life. This year though, I enjoyed our yearly Christmas Eve party, sang Christmas carols at our family sing-a-long, and indulged in holiday french toast and Bloody Mary’s (not at the same time…that would be gross). All and all, the mood this year was rather jovial!

I was in a particularly joyful mood at the start and end of my little Christmas break because Santa was in an especially giving mood and decided to grant me two Christmas miracles to ring in the season. The first was that it only took me an hour and a half to get home the other night. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect on the Thursday before Christmas, and the Port Authority did not disappoint. There were pigeons flying around INSIDE while I was waiting for the bus, and a half-naked crazy person was passed out on a bench I happened to be standing directly in front of. That place is literally the 10th circle of hell. When I finally got on the bus, it was only after practically inhaling a dose of lung cancer from all the bus fumes! But amazingly, we zipped out of the tunnel and onto the parkway and I was eating dinner with my sister and making sugar cookie dough before 7:30! So thank you Santa, for restoring my sanity another day.

The second Christmas miracle occurred yesterday, when my parents drove me back to my apartment. Last week, the place was topping out at at least 90 degrees, and I finally called my landlord in a heatstroke-induced rage and begged him to send a plumber to fix it. On Thursday morning, one finally appeared like a wise man sent to Jesus, equipped with a two-foot long wrench to turn my radiator off. When I walked in yesterday and didn’t see a mirage in the corner, I knew joy had come to the world.


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