A Different Holiday Season

30 Dec

I’m two hours away from yet another lovely long weekend to celebrate New Years. This week was pretty awesome, considering that for most of it, it was just me and two or three other people! I left early, took nice afternoon walks, and finally got around to organizing the hell out of my desk! I cleaned and straightened and threw things away and stacked and copied and it looks amazing! And now I can leave work this afternoon through Monday with a clear head to enjoy the paid company holiday! Life is grand, isn’t it?

It’s hard to believe that just last year, I was gearing up to spend New Years Eve at work, after clocking in on both Christmas Eve and Christmas day! It’s hard to believe I even did that at all! It seems like a long time ago that I was sitting at my desk, reading the New York Times for 7 hours straight, sleeping through most of the family festivities and missing out on all the fun. I ended 2010 in a not-so-hopeful mood. I had traded a job I disliked for one I disliked even more, and was finding it difficult to find anything positive about life after college!

2011 has certainly been a roller coaster too, but with many more ups than downs! Looking back, I can’t even believe all the things that have happened this year–trips abroad, a dream job I adore, new friends, a new apartment, JOB SECURITY! Sure, there are still plenty of loose ends in my life, but it finally seems like things are ironing themselves out and have settled down. I’m looking forward to focusing on things in 2012 that don’t involve looking for a new job, stressing about whether I’ll keep said new job, and when I’ll finally be able to move out! All of that was accomplished this year, so I can benefit from the fruits of that labor and have some fun! 2012 will be the year I finally join that co-ed kickball team, I can feel it!

Happy New Year everyone!

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