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New Jersey

27 Jan

I am once again headed back to the homeland this weekend to celebrate my dad’s birthday. This should illustrate what a good daughter I am, that I’m willing to risk sanity and a possible murder conviction over commuting home on a Friday night! Last time I planned to go home for the weekend, it was really windy out, which meant that the delays at the Port Authority were going to be “longer than usual.” Who knows, there might be a stray leaf in the tunnel tonight, making the exit completely impassable!

No, I have not gotten my hatred for NJ Transit out of my system yet, in case you were wondering. There will never be a subject that I will be so eager to bash. It’s just that it has done nothing to try to change my opinion of it! Every time I attempt to take a bus, or even walk past the building, something disturbing happens. Last time, a pigeon practically flew into my face! I could feel the wind from its germ-invested wings flapping over my head.

But all of that aside, it is nice to be home once in a while. Now that I don’t see my house as a holding cell of misery, it’s actually a pretty nice place to be! Although now that I’m a city girl, the rest of my family thinks I’m completely crazy. “Now, explain to me why you would rather spend half of your salary on rent, when you could use that money to go on vacation?”; or “Please tell me you don’t walk home alone…in the dark?!”  It certainly makes for interesting dinner conversation! Maybe a bus ride isn’t the only torture I’ll endure this weekend….

Half-Way There

25 Jan

Oy, Wednesday! This used to be my favorite day of the week when I was in highschool, because I used to have jazz band after school. Don’t judge me.

This is the first week since Christmas that I haven’t had either a Monday or Friday off. I was really getting used to those four-day weeks…and even better, those three-day weekends! So now that I’m really only half-way into the week, I’m feeling the drag! Just this morning, I woke up and thought, “Yay, Thursday!” before realizing that it was more like “O, Wednesday.” I love my job, but it feels like it’s a standard practice once you start working to bemoan the middle of the week!

It’s just that nothing exciting ever happens on Wednesday! It’s too far from last weekend to keep talking about stuff you did, and it’s not close enough to the coming weekend to start talking about plans. But I have to keep these Wednesday doldrums to myself, because who wants to be the person moaning “It’s only Wednesdayyyyy,” when someone asks how you are? There’s always someone who has this response, and it’s not going to be me! Well at least not this week….we have another month until the next three-day weekend, so check back with me in a few weeks!


23 Jan

Last week was a crazy week! I was working on a “crash,” which is a “technical” term in journalism for when people go absolutely crazy over the amount of work they have to do in a very short span of time. It had been a while since I had worked on anything like that, and it’s amazing how quickly you forget how stressful and exhausting it can be!

By Thursday night, I was seriously loopy, which made it a little hard to be professional. My coworker made one comment, which with more sleep, or if said earlier in the day, probably would not have struck me as funny. But at 9:30 at night, I thought it was absolutely hilarious. Like, let’s laugh about this comment for five minutes and try to hide it by spontaneously fake coughing, which is fooling no one and you LOOK RIDICULOUS. Unfortunately, my colleague was in his own haze, and just kept making these little offhand comments and I was absolutely out of control!

I should have just gotten up and had a drink of water or something, anything to clear my head and refocus. Instead, I sat my computer station and willed myself to get a grip. That didn’t happen soon enough though,  because in passing, one of my other coworkers saw me and said “Well, someone’s got a case of the giggles!” This of course, just made me laugh harder! I am a hopeless case.

I wish I could tell you what it was that I found so hilarious, but alas, I cannot. At least my face eventually resumed its normal coloring!

I’ve Been Published! Am I Famous Yet?

17 Jan

I’m very excited to share that I’ve been published on! For once, I spent my evening doing something productive: becoming an insanely famous writer! Just kidding…but it’s really exciting to be published on such a fun website. An excerpt is below, and you can read the whole thing here!


by From Our Readers

Tonight, after finishing dinner, I washed my dishes, swept my kitchen floor and then stared at my cook top. How does that thing get so dirty? I’m one person for Pete’s sake, and yet there are splatters and rice grains and disgustingly, hair, all over the place. So for the second time this week, I whipped out my Clorox spray and a sponge and got to work. And oh how good it felt, to once again have a clean oven. I even got a little crazy and started scrubbing the char that had built up on the grates, before stopping mid-scrub, a single bead of cold sweat gathering at my temple. Someone was doing the same exact thing at this very moment, and it was not another 23-year-old relishing in the freedom of her new apartment. It was my mother.


TGTC–Thank God There’s Coffee

12 Jan

I have been perpetually tired lately. I don’t know if it’s the weather, or the fact that work has slowed down a bit and I’m not as engaged, but I am just dragging when I get in in the mornings! (And in the afternoons….and when I leave at night.) It’s been even tougher the past week because our coffee machine has been broken.

We have one of those lovely single serving coffee machines in the office, and I have taken a particular liking to the French Vanilla flavor. In my defense, it doesn’t really make a full cup, so guzzling down three or four of those puppies in a given morning isn’t that crazy. But for the past two weeks, my coffee consumption has plummeted to just a cup a day, because I have to secretly smuggle coffee from the other machines in different departments, and I get a little self-conscious about it. I mean, it’s free, but still. I’m weird.

I also refuse to buy coffee, specifically Starbucks coffee. Why is it so expensive? I just don’t get that at all. My boss gave all of us gift cards there and I spent mine in just two trips! The coffee is good, but it isn’t that good. Anyway, the bottom line is that I have been jonesing for some coffee for the past two weeks, and yesterday, just when I thought I was going to crack and blow a week’s salary on a half-caf-mocha-latte-grande-frappacino-cappuchino thingy,  a new machine arrived and they restocked all the coffees!

It’s been a rather glorious day, and I’ve basically been drinking coffee throughout all of it. Two cups when I got in, a cup after lunch, one at 5 pm…maybe I can squeeze in one more roast before the end of the day! I have to make up for lost time! Although when I’m staring at the ceiling at 3 am, I’ll have no one to blame but myself. At least I can re-fuel come morning!

A Blaze(r) of Glory

10 Jan

I have been hunting for a black blazer for at least eight months. My old black blazer has a giant hole in the armpit and yet I still wore it obsessively–as long as I kept my arm by my side, no one would ever even notice! But since I’m in the never-ending clothing transition from college to working professional, I figured it was time to upgrade. How hard could it be? It’s a wardrobe staple, right?

Wrong, wrong, so very, very wrong! I have never had so much trouble finding a single article of clothing as I did with this stupid blazer. I am rarely in the mood to shop, but this blazer had turned me into a shopaholic! Since the summer, I was frequenting the mall at least once a week, an occurrence that was upped exponentially when I moved to the city. Lunch breaks, weeknights, Saturday afternoons, Sunday mornings–no time was off-limits, no store left un-blazed with my increasing fervor!

The fever-pitch to my madness happened between Christmas and New Years. Work was slow, and I decided one night to walk along 5th Avenue, where I knew there was an H&M. Then I could see the store windows and even take in the tree! Naturally, this was a surefire way to go completely insane. The sheer number of people walking along 5th Avenue and ducking into stores with their post-holiday sales was literally the most terrifying experience I’ve had since living here. My lunch must have been laced with drugs for me to have even entertained the notion that this would have been a  good idea! And yet there I was, pawing through clothing racks like a rabid animal, desperate for just one single sighting of cuff and lapel.

Making it out alive should have been enough, but I was devastated that I wasted a solid evening and once again came up empty. I resolved then and there to give up my search and stick to wearing my black cardigan, which was already wearing at the elbows from excessive use. I like to layer!

But then, last Friday. Glorious, marvelous, beautiful Friday! On an afternoon jaunt to the bank, I decided to do a quick scan of the Banana Republic next door, “just in case,” I unconvincingly convinced myself. And there,  surrounded by a halo of poly-cotton-silk blend perfection, was my new blazer! It was everything I dreamed it to be: black, with three buttons, sleeves with no holes, even a pocket! At this point, I didn’t care if the thing was dipped in black gold and cost ten million dollars–I was walking out with this blazer.

Thankfully, it was not ten million dollars, and even better, it was $10 off! I practically cried with relief and joy when I left the store, and then immediately starting texting all of my friends and relatives my exciting news! Now onto the hunt for that perfect pair of brown boots!

So Much for That

4 Jan

Well, I’m only four days into the new year and already some of my resolutions have gone to hell in a hand basket!

One of my resolutions this year is to be more put together–while I consider myself an organized person overall, I would not characterize myself in this manner between the hours of 8:30 and 10 am! My plan was to get up earlier in the mornings, perhaps fix myself a cup of tea and flip through a magazine, before changing into a pre-picked outfit and grabbing my pre-made lunch from the fridge. I’d snap my perfectly organized purse shut–complete with keys and cellphone–and be off on my merry way, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

But instead, for the past two days that I’ve had to get up for work, I’ve literally left myself 15 minutes to get ready and out the door.

This is not enough time.

I’ve been running around my apartment, one shoe on, one shoe off, making lunch while applying lip gloss, shoving my watch and earrings into my coat pocket, pulling on one glove instead of two, haphazardly tying my scarf while pinning up my hair–in short, I am exactly how I was in 2011: an absolute morning mess.

Now, I’ve been attempting to get up earlier since the dawn of time–I can’t remember a single instance where my alarm goes off and I am up and raring to go! And now that my apartment is actually a comfortable temperature, that annoying beeping just becomes an excuse to flip over and catch another 10 minutes of snooze time deep under my covers! But arriving at work looking like a frazzled psychotic person is not really the image I’m trying to portray to the people I work with! Would it really be so hard to wake up just a tad earlier if it set the tone for the rest of the day? I’ll give it a go…next week.