A Blaze(r) of Glory

10 Jan

I have been hunting for a black blazer for at least eight months. My old black blazer has a giant hole in the armpit and yet I still wore it obsessively–as long as I kept my arm by my side, no one would ever even notice! But since I’m in the never-ending clothing transition from college to working professional, I figured it was time to upgrade. How hard could it be? It’s a wardrobe staple, right?

Wrong, wrong, so very, very wrong! I have never had so much trouble finding a single article of clothing as I did with this stupid blazer. I am rarely in the mood to shop, but this blazer had turned me into a shopaholic! Since the summer, I was frequenting the mall at least once a week, an occurrence that was upped exponentially when I moved to the city. Lunch breaks, weeknights, Saturday afternoons, Sunday mornings–no time was off-limits, no store left un-blazed with my increasing fervor!

The fever-pitch to my madness happened between Christmas and New Years. Work was slow, and I decided one night to walk along 5th Avenue, where I knew there was an H&M. Then I could see the store windows and even take in the tree! Naturally, this was a surefire way to go completely insane. The sheer number of people walking along 5th Avenue and ducking into stores with their post-holiday sales was literally the most terrifying experience I’ve had since living here. My lunch must have been laced with drugs for me to have even entertained the notion that this would have been a  good idea! And yet there I was, pawing through clothing racks like a rabid animal, desperate for just one single sighting of cuff and lapel.

Making it out alive should have been enough, but I was devastated that I wasted a solid evening and once again came up empty. I resolved then and there to give up my search and stick to wearing my black cardigan, which was already wearing at the elbows from excessive use. I like to layer!

But then, last Friday. Glorious, marvelous, beautiful Friday! On an afternoon jaunt to the bank, I decided to do a quick scan of the Banana Republic next door, “just in case,” I unconvincingly convinced myself. And there,  surrounded by a halo of poly-cotton-silk blend perfection, was my new blazer! It was everything I dreamed it to be: black, with three buttons, sleeves with no holes, even a pocket! At this point, I didn’t care if the thing was dipped in black gold and cost ten million dollars–I was walking out with this blazer.

Thankfully, it was not ten million dollars, and even better, it was $10 off! I practically cried with relief and joy when I left the store, and then immediately starting texting all of my friends and relatives my exciting news! Now onto the hunt for that perfect pair of brown boots!


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