23 Jan

Last week was a crazy week! I was working on a “crash,” which is a “technical” term in journalism for when people go absolutely crazy over the amount of work they have to do in a very short span of time. It had been a while since I had worked on anything like that, and it’s amazing how quickly you forget how stressful and exhausting it can be!

By Thursday night, I was seriously loopy, which made it a little hard to be professional. My coworker made one comment, which with more sleep, or if said earlier in the day, probably would not have struck me as funny. But at 9:30 at night, I thought it was absolutely hilarious. Like, let’s laugh about this comment for five minutes and try to hide it by spontaneously fake coughing, which is fooling no one and you LOOK RIDICULOUS. Unfortunately, my colleague was in his own haze, and just kept making these little offhand comments and I was absolutely out of control!

I should have just gotten up and had a drink of water or something, anything to clear my head and refocus. Instead, I sat my computer station and willed myself to get a grip. That didn’t happen soon enough though,  because in passing, one of my other coworkers saw me and said “Well, someone’s got a case of the giggles!” This of course, just made me laugh harder! I am a hopeless case.

I wish I could tell you what it was that I found so hilarious, but alas, I cannot. At least my face eventually resumed its normal coloring!


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