Half-Way There

25 Jan

Oy, Wednesday! This used to be my favorite day of the week when I was in highschool, because I used to have jazz band after school. Don’t judge me.

This is the first week since Christmas that I haven’t had either a Monday or Friday off. I was really getting used to those four-day weeks…and even better, those three-day weekends! So now that I’m really only half-way into the week, I’m feeling the drag! Just this morning, I woke up and thought, “Yay, Thursday!” before realizing that it was more like “O, Wednesday.” I love my job, but it feels like it’s a standard practice once you start working to bemoan the middle of the week!

It’s just that nothing exciting ever happens on Wednesday! It’s too far from last weekend to keep talking about stuff you did, and it’s not close enough to the coming weekend to start talking about plans. But I have to keep these Wednesday doldrums to myself, because who wants to be the person moaning “It’s only Wednesdayyyyy,” when someone asks how you are? There’s always someone who has this response, and it’s not going to be me! Well at least not this week….we have another month until the next three-day weekend, so check back with me in a few weeks!


One Response to “Half-Way There”

  1. scry January 26, 2012 at 5:09 pm #

    When i was in uni i used to say on tuesday evening, ‘it’s almost friday!’
    people used to hate me (or look at me as if i was retarded)
    i prefer to be excited than to complain (well, actually it’d depend on the day, but it’s more exausting to complain!)
    happy thursday night! 🙂

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