New Jersey

27 Jan

I am once again headed back to the homeland this weekend to celebrate my dad’s birthday. This should illustrate what a good daughter I am, that I’m willing to risk sanity and a possible murder conviction over commuting home on a Friday night! Last time I planned to go home for the weekend, it was really windy out, which meant that the delays at the Port Authority were going to be “longer than usual.” Who knows, there might be a stray leaf in the tunnel tonight, making the exit completely impassable!

No, I have not gotten my hatred for NJ Transit out of my system yet, in case you were wondering. There will never be a subject that I will be so eager to bash. It’s just that it has done nothing to try to change my opinion of it! Every time I attempt to take a bus, or even walk past the building, something disturbing happens. Last time, a pigeon practically flew into my face! I could feel the wind from its germ-invested wings flapping over my head.

But all of that aside, it is nice to be home once in a while. Now that I don’t see my house as a holding cell of misery, it’s actually a pretty nice place to be! Although now that I’m a city girl, the rest of my family thinks I’m completely crazy. “Now, explain to me why you would rather spend half of your salary on rent, when you could use that money to go on vacation?”; or “Please tell me you don’t walk home alone…in the dark?!”  It certainly makes for interesting dinner conversation! Maybe a bus ride isn’t the only torture I’ll endure this weekend….


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