This Day Stinks

6 Feb

What. A. Day. I should never have gotten up this morning…or even went to bed last night! After coming home from a Superbowl party last night, I was so exhausted from the excitement of the GIANTS WINNING that I went right to bed. Well, not even ten minutes later, the drunken super of my apartment building started shouting obscenities at the top of his lungs, and began banging away downstairs, apparently attempting to fix the front door of our building, which doesn’t close all the way. May I remind you that it was midnight. Need I remind you also that he had THE ENTIRE WEEKEND to do this. He also has THE ENTIRE DAY. A door not closing all the way is not an emergency that needs to be taken care of in the middle of the night, with power tools no less!

Well, this went on until 3 in the morning. Around 2 am, I got out of bed and pounded on the inside of my door three times, in an attempt to send a message that he should SHUT UP. Well, it sent a message alright, one that sent him into even more of a drunken rage. I was extremely close to calling the police, but I guess I finally got used to the grating tone of his constant stream of chatter and fell asleep.

So this morning, I was naturally expecting the door downstairs to be painted in solid gold and to be hermetically sealed, but it was exactly the same! This sent me into my own internal rage, which of course has colored the rest of my day so far and has set off a slew of other Monday-morning blues. When I got into work this morning, my ID didn’t work, the printer started printing out important documents on fluorescent colored paper, and the coffee machine was once again broken. Is it Friday yet??


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