Inappropriate Dressing

10 Feb

Today, I’m dressed very inappropriately…for the weather, that is! Every day, I find myself just off the mark when picking out my ensembles. Yesterday for example, I wore jeans and a short-sleeved blouse–no socks, no sweater–and it ended up snowing all day! Then today, to overcompensate, I wore long pants tucked into boots with ski socks, and a heavy sweater. Needless to say, I’ve been heavily sweating all day!

I seem to find it outside my realm of comprehension to check the forecast or look at a thermometer before getting dressed in the morning! I wear sweaters in the summer and tank tops in the winter, stockings on sunny days and bare legs during blizzards. And while my apartment is no longer hotter than the blazing depths of hell, it’s still pretty toasty in there, so more often than not, I’m under-dressing and regretting it for the rest of the day! But then there’s also my office, whose temperature fluctuates from cubicle to cubicle! One side of the floor could be warm, and the other side cold! Since I don’t usually spend my day sitting in the same place, this is quite the conundrum!  Frankly, no matter what I wear I’d be too cold or too hot in the span of a day!

Obviously, there are many viable solutions for this problem I seem to have. I could, for example, not dress like I’m going on an arctic expedition, ever. (Unless of course I’m actually going on an arctic expedition.) I could log onto this great little thing called the internet and check the weather forecast once in a while! I could also–and this is really a stretch–bring a sweater to work. But alas, this requires more thought and organization than I can muster in the mornings. The bottom line is that I end up wearing the first thing I lay my eyes on…who cares if it happens to be a summer dress when temps are below freezing! I consider myself lucky when I leave the house with clothes on at all! Now that would be inappropriate.


3 Responses to “Inappropriate Dressing”


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