La, La, La I Joined a Choir…Then Quit

29 Feb

HOBBIES! This is a rare and apparently impossible thing to have with my job of late. Back in January, I was heart set on expanding my non-existent social life with something I loved, namely pretending I’m on Glee (before it got too weird and I gave it up. Swimming proposals…white TOPHATS?! I just can’t).

But I love to sing, and pretty much do it all the time–while I’m cooking, getting dressed, taking out the garbage–I basically have an internal melody coursing through my brain at all times. So I figured I would channel this and join a choir! And lucky for me, there was one that met once a week and sang Bon Jovi! Could it get any better?!

I was able to attend the first couple of rehearsals, and I had a blast! It was literally like being back in high school choir–we were even working on an arrangement of “I Believe I Can Fly.” Part of me felt like I had digressed to the dorkiest stage of myself, sans braces and my unfortunate high school fashion sense, but a bigger part of me didn’t really care! I mean, I wasn’t flaunting my new hobby to the folks at work, but I really looked forward to the weekly jam sessions.

But alas, this past month has been completely insane and it’s been impossible to leave work before 8 pm, ever. Between breaking news specials and projects piled on top of projects, I’ve had no choice but to push this to the bottom of my priority list (along with my laundry…) and I had quit. It pains me to write that, because I really pride myself on my ability to multi-task, but this one just wasn’t happening.

Now it’s back to the drawing board on finding my work-life balance. Right now, the scales are tipped entirely to the work side, and I’m trying to find an extracurricular that meets after 10 pm on weeknights! Until that happens, I’ll just be sitting in my cubicle, humming the alto part to “Livin on a Prayer!”


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