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So Late It Was Early

26 Mar

Why I continue to freak out over my boredom at work is beyond me, because it always comes back to slap me straight across the face with a whopper of a week! Last week set a new record for work-latedness, when I left through the revolving doors at 3 A.M. Yes. Read that again. 3 A.M. This was after I declined seeing the midnight showing of The Hunger Games because I was afraid I would get home too late and be tired the next day. Silly me. Silly, silly me.

So what exactly is there to do until 3 AM at the office, you may ask? Fortunately, enough to keep me awake! I logged interviews, pulled pictures, worked on graphics….my to-do list never waned! And it was a good thing, because otherwise my brain would have internally combusted and I would’ve been caught snoring on my keyboard! There were also a lot of whispered conversations with my colleagues along the lines of “WHEN IS THIS DAY GOING TO END I NEED MY FREAKIN BEAUTY SLEEP!”

I love my job because it’s so varied and everyday brings something new, but the downside is that you can absolutely never anticipate what that new thing is going to be, and how late it’s going to keep you at work! We were all running on fumes and copious amounts of caffeine on Friday, and between freaking out about the bags under my eyes and the to-do list that kept growing until the last possible second, this was certainly the most overwhelming week since starting here. But as usual, the payoff was so gratifying and my adoration of the people and the work we do was enough to keep me awake until 7:30 when we could go home. I then promptly hopped in a cab and passed out until I got to my front door!

My Published Plait of Problems

19 Mar

There are several topics that will always provide me with an endless supply of writing material. One of those things is the New Jersey Transit bus system, and the other is my hair. Despite the fact that I don’t even take the bus anymore, on any given day either of these subjects can take me on a roller coaster of emotions, which typically ends in an immature hissy fit.

So it was rather apt that my piece for about my bad hair day was published this morning, after a frustrating thirty minutes of fruitless brushing and combing!  It seems life is imitating art….or my  hair is just being my hair. Which is horrible.

Well I might as well channel my misery into something more productive than praying for thick, glossy strands, right?! Head over to HelloGiggles and read my piece here!

An Idle Mind is the Devil’s Playground

15 Mar

This has been a slow week at work, and I am going seriously stir-crazy. Despite the fact that I’ve worked here for over a year, it still catches me off guard how quickly and dramatically my schedule can change! Fortunately, spring has hit the Big Apple, so I’ve managed to bag some rays during my lunch hour and catch up on my New York Times article queue, two of my favorite hobbies! Although I’m surprised my paleness hasn’t blinded me from reading at all!

Needless to say, this week has given me a lot of time to think, which is frankly not the best use of my time when my mind is idle. Unnecessary questions keep sprouting up–Why aren’t I busier? What did I do wrong? Am I going to get fired? Despite the fact that these are all (hopefully) irrational thoughts, a quiet week is an invitation back to the land of self-doubt. You’d think I’d be past that stage at this point, but apparently I can only confidently function when I’m working sixty hours a week at a breakneck pace!

Because of the absence of more pressing details peppering my day, I’ve been unable to curb my growing list of obsessions, which include, in no particular order: finding the perfect end table for my apartment, finding the perfect floor lamp to sit next to the perfect end table in my apartment, France, hair straighteners, DIY wall art, self-publishing, the upcoming HBO show Girls, my next vacation, the purse selection at Forever 21, the entire travel section of the Times, neon accessories, typography, and the Dear Prudence column on Slate.

Memo to my boss: Please assign me to something before I become the lamest person ever!

I Was Early To Stuff This Weekend

12 Mar

This weekend was full of rarities, namely that I was early to lots of stuff! This almost never happens–I typically have no idea what time I’ll be able to get somewhere until I’m on my way out of the office. Since my work hours change so rapidly, making plans goes something like this:

Text to my friends: I can totally leave work at 6:30 tonight and I’ll be on time! Crazy!

20 minutes later: 

Me: I’m stuck at work, I’ll text you when I leave.

10 hours later:

Me: I’m still at work….this stinks! We’ll hang out soon!

Ok, so maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but there have been many nights where I’m heart-set on heading out only to get roped in and stuck at work for hours on end. But Friday night was a lucky night, where I was not only able to leave work at a reasonable hour, but I made it to a birthday party before the birthday girl herself! Not only was I early to dinner, but took a cab with some friends afterwards and made it to karaoke night early! Then the next day, I managed to catch the trains just right and got to an improv show early enough to pick up everyone’s tickets! It was magical. And it didn’t stop there! On Sunday, I did my laundry, and after dropping it off headed to the library to drop of my books….a day early! Then when I came back to the laundromat, there was a minute left on the dryer! EARLY!

Of course, this strike of promptness didn’t last through this morning, when I woke up a half hour late. Sigh. It was fun while it lasted!

An Aura of Idiocy

8 Mar

I think the spring pollen is going straight to my brain! All week I’ve been battling a serious case of stupidity. It started on Monday, when I was asked to fact-check some legal information for a story I’m working on. Considering I have exactly ZERO LEGAL EXPERIENCE, this was much more difficult than anticipated. I thought I had solved this problem weeks ago (the fact-checking…not the legal experience), but it was dug back up this week, and one look at the pile of documents on my desk confirmed that any and all information relating to the law had been completely erased from my memory.  Several phone calls to the lawyer and countless laborious sighs later, I finally had a paper-thin grasp on the issues, which was promptly torn in half when I relayed this information to my producer and he asked me another question about it.

And thus continued the rest of my week. While I sometimes feel like I’m one light-bulb too dark at work, this week seemed to be a complete blackout of my brain. I consider myself a smart person, but with the constant learning curve at this job, I feel like I give more blank stares than educated answers. I need to go back to college, where I said things like “The philosophical connotations of this piece were quite immense” and used big words like “metamorphosis.” Academia!

Listen, I know I’m not dumb, but I want my coworkers to know that too! Every time I think I’m finally getting the hang of things and am smoothly sailing through my day, something else comes up that throws me for a loop. If it’s not legal jargon, it’s a technology flub, or a finance question! Why can’t people ask me about things I’m an expert on, like…well…hm. Let me get back to you on that.

A Restful Weekend

5 Mar

This was the weekend I’ve been waiting and hoping for for the past few weeks! I slept in! I cleaned! I made food that wasn’t served from a take-out container! I washed my hair! It was marvelous.

I reached new lows of lameness this weekend though, because the thing I was most excited about doing was cleaning my apartment. I am not a messy person, but I haven’t been getting home before 9 PM during the week and I’ve either been working or away every weekend for practically the entire month of February! Needless to say, my apartment needed a good scouring, and two and a half hours later, after scrubbing the last speck of dirt off my kitchen tile, I slipped on a clean pair of socks and vowed not to do anything that would tarnish my sparkling abode! This then was a perfect excuse to curl up on my bed and read books all afternoon while listening to Bille Holiday. It was so, so, so, so nice.

I know how it sounds. Cleaning? White socks? Showtunes? Everytime I think I’m climbing the ladder to coolness, I knock myself down a few notches to grandma-ville. Weekends in the big city should be spent visiting museums, or seeing off-Broadway theater! But frankly, I was so exhausted from the past few weeks, the guilt that usually accompanies my especially elderly behavior was pleasantly lacking! Plus this morning, I woke up on time and felt more awake than I have in weeks, and my apartment was clean! So take that, hipsters and 20-somethings who actually have lives!