So Late It Was Early

26 Mar

Why I continue to freak out over my boredom at work is beyond me, because it always comes back to slap me straight across the face with a whopper of a week! Last week set a new record for work-latedness, when I left through the revolving doors at 3 A.M. Yes. Read that again. 3 A.M. This was after I declined seeing the midnight showing of The Hunger Games because I was afraid I would get home too late and be tired the next day. Silly me. Silly, silly me.

So what exactly is there to do until 3 AM at the office, you may ask? Fortunately, enough to keep me awake! I logged interviews, pulled pictures, worked on graphics….my to-do list never waned! And it was a good thing, because otherwise my brain would have internally combusted and I would’ve been caught snoring on my keyboard! There were also a lot of whispered conversations with my colleagues along the lines of “WHEN IS THIS DAY GOING TO END I NEED MY FREAKIN BEAUTY SLEEP!”

I love my job because it’s so varied and everyday brings something new, but the downside is that you can absolutely never anticipate what that new thing is going to be, and how late it’s going to keep you at work! We were all running on fumes and copious amounts of caffeine on Friday, and between freaking out about the bags under my eyes and the to-do list that kept growing until the last possible second, this was certainly the most overwhelming week since starting here. But as usual, the payoff was so gratifying and my adoration of the people and the work we do was enough to keep me awake until 7:30 when we could go home. I then promptly hopped in a cab and passed out until I got to my front door!


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