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An At-Work Sick Day

25 Apr

I am up to my eyeballs in tissues and I feel like crap. I wish I was writing this from my bed, a cup of chicken soup and a steaming mug of tea at my bedside, but I’m in my messy cubicle, wearing uncomfortable shoes.

I’ve officially decided that being sick at work is the worst. I’ve never had to come to this conclusion before, because I almost never get sick. When people are dropping like flies during flu season, I’m enjoying the brisk weather and a chap-free nose. So I really have no idea how I even got this cold–aside from the fact that it’s April and relatively warm out, I was home all weekend, away from the germs of the subway and city. I spent my weekend outside, breathing fresh air into my once phlegm-free lungs! But on the drive back to the city, it hit me, and I’ve been knocked out for three days!

All I want is sympathy…and some heavy-duty cold-syrup, but I’m getting neither. No one seems to care or even notice that I can’t breathe out of my nose and sound like a fog-horn every few minutes. Feel bad for me! Buy me some OJ and box of tissues! Tell me to take a sick day so I can say “I can’t” and then feel bad for me some more!

….Wow, sick people are annoying! I’m just going to sniffle my way to the store and buy myself some chicken soup before someone tells me to get over more than just a cold!


Older and Wiser

20 Apr

This week has been great, start to finish. Usually my weeks have ups and downs, but everything about this one was just the greatest! It helped that I rang in my 24th birthday on Wednesday! Wow. Let’s just take a second to reflect on the fact that this will be the first year I won’t be 1. in school 2. in between jobs 3. a complete psycho. It’s going to be a good year!

Obviously my biggest goal for this year is to keep working on that work-life balance thing. I gave myself a head start on Tuesday night when I left early to go to the ballet, and spent a lovely evening being cultural. On Wednesday, I left at yet another reasonable time to meet up for birthday drinks! Then last night I made it to a work happy hour! I am on fire!

On the work side, this has been another busy week, filled with lots of logistical things for me to handle. Despite stressing over finding an interview location in time, and calling about twenty places before I did, everything worked out perfectly!  My positive birthday karma is a powerful thing!

So look at that…I managed to have both a satisfying work week and a social life! And I’m determined to keep at thiswho says you can’t have it all! I have everything I’ve worked so hard for–an amazing job, a great group of friends, an apartment in the city–what is 24 going to bring? Hopefully some better hair days and a European vacation!

Office Perks

16 Apr

As a full-time employee, there are a few perks that come with my job, 90% of which I had no idea even existed until my friend was also hired full-time and cashed in. For the past month, she’s pranced in with a new blackberry, a corporate card, countless discounts–all things that I’d been blithely unaware of. I was happy enough with my vacation days and dental plan, but the world of office perks has been slowly opening to me, exposing a land of milk and honey. Well…that might be a slight exaggeration.

Nevertheless, I am now the proud owner of a blackberry, and just signed up today for a corporate card. Free lunches ow oww! Kidding, kidding….although it will be nice to not rack up hundreds of dollars in over-time cab fare on my trusty little chase card! The blackberry on the other hand is a great perk that I didn’t even know I needed until I had one! On the one hand, it’s nice to be able to check in when I’m running a little late, or leaving a little early, or when I’m sitting in long meetings and screenings while the emails pile up. On the other, my “I didn’t see that email” excuse is essentially null and void. I’m also pretty much reachable 24/7. For someone who barely answers their cell phone, this will take some getting used to, but I definitely like the decreased stress of missing loads of emails while otherwise occupied.

I certainly feel like a professional lady now, and who knows what else this place has in store! I’ll just have to wait for my friend to get to it first and I’ll jump on the bandwagon!

The End of the Road

10 Apr

I took the bus home this weekend, and after my dad picked me up, we headed home. Pulling into the driveway, there were two things I remarked on: 1. That all the flowers were blooming and 2. That the two-ton scab that had sat outside my parents’ house for fifteen months–the broken-down, money-sucking hub of misery, Public Enemy #1 in my angst-filled, post-collegiate life–was gone, a shiny oil-slick from the leaking engine the only trace left that it had ever been there at all. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen: MY CAR IS GONE!

Despite my wishes it be pushed off the edge of a cliff, my parents took the more traditional route and put the car on Craigslist. Shockingly, someone actually bought it! I thought I was the only idiot that would fall for such a lemon, but apparently there is someone else either equally as desperate for a car, or equally as blinded by the irrationality of a recent graduate thrown into hell like I was. Ah, such good times.

That car was the last artifact of my rather rocky life before I moved into the city, and frankly, I will not mourn its loss in the slightest. However, if I must give it a memorial, I’ll resurrect the timeline from my first year of car ownership. But since it only goes through June, and I drove the car until November,  this timeline omits two new tires, a leaking oil pan, a shattered tail light, thirty parking tickets, a broken windshield wiper, and other various broken car parts that I don’t know the technical names for. Car, I will NOT miss you.

See the timeline here.

Time For A Break!

6 Apr

I always know when I need a break from the city when I want to punch my hand through a wall, consistently, for ten hours.  This has not been an especially good week–I locked myself out of my apartment, my drunken psychopath neighbor returned from whatever psych ward he was at and was cursing and ranting until the early hours, and I haven’t been able to get a seat on the subway all week! The one saving grace is that I’ve been blow drying my hair in the morning, and it looks great. But is it enough to keep me from getting into an angry brawl before the day is over?

Usually, city life doesn’t bother me, but when I know I’m going to be leaving, even just for the weekend, everything seems exaggerated. Yesterday, I rode the subway home and a woman was holding onto the bar, her arm level with my nose. Every time the train would lurch, her arm would hit me in the face. Yes, this would always be annoying, but last night I was two seconds away from punching her in the neck! I settled on glaring at her so intensely I had crow’s-feet by the time I got off the train!

Then there’s my insane neighbor. I have never seen this man, but he makes sure that everyone within a thirty block radius can hear his senseless ranting when the mood strikes. After a half hour of incessant obscenities and offensive drivel, I started banging on my wall, shouting “SHUT UP” at the top of my lungs. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em, right? He either passed out or moved to another room, and my fury gave way to exhaustion and I slept like a rock!

And then there are the smokers, the slow walkers, the cell-phone addicts, the baby strollers–daily obstacles that, this week, seem to be hitting my last nerve. Of course, it will reach the climax tonight when I arrive at the hub of all misery, the headquarters for the world’s most annoying and oblivious people: The Port Authority Bus Terminal.  Thank God it’s Easter and Jesus is in a forgiving mood!

Getting Myself Together

3 Apr

It’s been a really busy few weeks! For two weeks straight, I was working on week-of-air pieces, which meant many late nights and zero time for anything else. When last Friday night rolled around, I surveyed the sorry state of my apartment: two weeks worth of clothes I hadn’t put away, a huge pile of laundry I hadn’t done, and a fridge holding a moldy head of lettuce and a bottle of maple syrup. Instead of tackling any of this mess, I promptly collapsed into bed and watched two episodes of Mad Men before falling asleep on top of my keyboard. The life I lead!

But Saturday–you could not stop this. I cleaned my apartment like my life depended on it! I folded clothes, organized my dresser, color-coordinated my closet, dusted, vacuumed, mopped, scrubbed, washed, windexed, wiped and swept until there was not a corner of my apartment left unscathed from my scouring. Then I did laundry, returned my library books, grocery shopped, went for a run, and met my friends for dinner and drinks. SHA-BOOM. PRODUCTIVENESS.

I’m realizing that my life lately is all or nothing–and mostly that means all work and nothing else. I usually consider myself a really good multitasker, but I can’t seem to multitask both my work and social lives these days.  But Saturday was really refreshing because I felt like I was able to get myself back in order and clear my head. Now I just need to learn to intersperse these moments of at-home productiveness into my busy work weeks so I can avoid spending two hours of my weekend scrubbing my bathroom tiles!