Getting Myself Together

3 Apr

It’s been a really busy few weeks! For two weeks straight, I was working on week-of-air pieces, which meant many late nights and zero time for anything else. When last Friday night rolled around, I surveyed the sorry state of my apartment: two weeks worth of clothes I hadn’t put away, a huge pile of laundry I hadn’t done, and a fridge holding a moldy head of lettuce and a bottle of maple syrup. Instead of tackling any of this mess, I promptly collapsed into bed and watched two episodes of Mad Men before falling asleep on top of my keyboard. The life I lead!

But Saturday–you could not stop this. I cleaned my apartment like my life depended on it! I folded clothes, organized my dresser, color-coordinated my closet, dusted, vacuumed, mopped, scrubbed, washed, windexed, wiped and swept until there was not a corner of my apartment left unscathed from my scouring. Then I did laundry, returned my library books, grocery shopped, went for a run, and met my friends for dinner and drinks. SHA-BOOM. PRODUCTIVENESS.

I’m realizing that my life lately is all or nothing–and mostly that means all work and nothing else. I usually consider myself a really good multitasker, but I can’t seem to multitask both my work and social lives these days.  But Saturday was really refreshing because I felt like I was able to get myself back in order and clear my head. Now I just need to learn to intersperse these moments of at-home productiveness into my busy work weeks so I can avoid spending two hours of my weekend scrubbing my bathroom tiles!


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