Office Perks

16 Apr

As a full-time employee, there are a few perks that come with my job, 90% of which I had no idea even existed until my friend was also hired full-time and cashed in. For the past month, she’s pranced in with a new blackberry, a corporate card, countless discounts–all things that I’d been blithely unaware of. I was happy enough with my vacation days and dental plan, but the world of office perks has been slowly opening to me, exposing a land of milk and honey. Well…that might be a slight exaggeration.

Nevertheless, I am now the proud owner of a blackberry, and just signed up today for a corporate card. Free lunches ow oww! Kidding, kidding….although it will be nice to not rack up hundreds of dollars in over-time cab fare on my trusty little chase card! The blackberry on the other hand is a great perk that I didn’t even know I needed until I had one! On the one hand, it’s nice to be able to check in when I’m running a little late, or leaving a little early, or when I’m sitting in long meetings and screenings while the emails pile up. On the other, my “I didn’t see that email” excuse is essentially null and void. I’m also pretty much reachable 24/7. For someone who barely answers their cell phone, this will take some getting used to, but I definitely like the decreased stress of missing loads of emails while otherwise occupied.

I certainly feel like a professional lady now, and who knows what else this place has in store! I’ll just have to wait for my friend to get to it first and I’ll jump on the bandwagon!


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