Older and Wiser

20 Apr

This week has been great, start to finish. Usually my weeks have ups and downs, but everything about this one was just the greatest! It helped that I rang in my 24th birthday on Wednesday! Wow. Let’s just take a second to reflect on the fact that this will be the first year I won’t be 1. in school 2. in between jobs 3. a complete psycho. It’s going to be a good year!

Obviously my biggest goal for this year is to keep working on that work-life balance thing. I gave myself a head start on Tuesday night when I left early to go to the ballet, and spent a lovely evening being cultural. On Wednesday, I left at yet another reasonable time to meet up for birthday drinks! Then last night I made it to a work happy hour! I am on fire!

On the work side, this has been another busy week, filled with lots of logistical things for me to handle. Despite stressing over finding an interview location in time, and calling about twenty places before I did, everything worked out perfectly!  My positive birthday karma is a powerful thing!

So look at that…I managed to have both a satisfying work week and a social life! And I’m determined to keep at thiswho says you can’t have it all! I have everything I’ve worked so hard for–an amazing job, a great group of friends, an apartment in the city–what is 24 going to bring? Hopefully some better hair days and a European vacation!


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