An At-Work Sick Day

25 Apr

I am up to my eyeballs in tissues and I feel like crap. I wish I was writing this from my bed, a cup of chicken soup and a steaming mug of tea at my bedside, but I’m in my messy cubicle, wearing uncomfortable shoes.

I’ve officially decided that being sick at work is the worst. I’ve never had to come to this conclusion before, because I almost never get sick. When people are dropping like flies during flu season, I’m enjoying the brisk weather and a chap-free nose. So I really have no idea how I even got this cold–aside from the fact that it’s April and relatively warm out, I was home all weekend, away from the germs of the subway and city. I spent my weekend outside, breathing fresh air into my once phlegm-free lungs! But on the drive back to the city, it hit me, and I’ve been knocked out for three days!

All I want is sympathy…and some heavy-duty cold-syrup, but I’m getting neither. No one seems to care or even notice that I can’t breathe out of my nose and sound like a fog-horn every few minutes. Feel bad for me! Buy me some OJ and box of tissues! Tell me to take a sick day so I can say “I can’t” and then feel bad for me some more!

….Wow, sick people are annoying! I’m just going to sniffle my way to the store and buy myself some chicken soup before someone tells me to get over more than just a cold!


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