The Future: Ah-Woah.

2 May

The other day at work we had a script-writing seminar with some of the more experienced and seasoned writers of the bunch. While I’m probably years away from actually writing scripts, it was really inspiring to listen to people who have worked here for decades breakdown their own work. Like any gathering of my colleagues, I walked away totally infatuated with my job and the amazing people I work with. You’d think I’d have gotten a grip at this point, but it’s so exciting to see people who are passionate about their work and love doing it.

One speaker in particular gave such a rousing and inspiring speech, you could practically see the passion for his work in his body language as he talked about it. He walked around the room, recited poetry, paced back and forth across the floor, and gesticulated his points with wild arm movements. Sure, it was a little bizarre, but it was also awesome. This guy loves writing. He loves words and telling stories, and he’s extremely good at it.  He gave us lots of advice, one of which was to read and memorize poetry out loud. Rest assured I went on Amazon last night and stocked up. One of his recommendations was Dr. Seuss, so I’m looking forward to reciting “One Fish, Two Fish” at a downtown poetry slam.

Sometimes it’s just so hard to articulate how much I love what I do, because a lot of the time, it’s not the things that I actually do during the day that are exciting, but the idea of what I’ll be doing down the road. It’s not that I especially enjoy filling out travel requests or figuring out rental rates for hotel suites, but the idea that someday, I’ll be going on those trips or sitting in those suites, finding and producing amazing stories.  And hey, if I’m half as jazzed about my career as this person was the other day, life will be awesome!


One Response to “The Future: Ah-Woah.”

  1. ernestwhile May 2, 2012 at 1:47 pm #

    I always like to read about someone who can legitimately tag their work “I love my job”.

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