Let’s Get Some Shoes.

4 May

This week I was once again on an apparel quest, this time for new shoes. With the clock ticking down on the Payless Bogo sale, I was running myself ragged trying to visit every single Payless in this dumb city, because every one I went to had exactly two shoe choices in my size: orthopedic velcro-strapped sneakers, or 6-inch platform stripper heels. Obviously, this was not work-appropriate footwear, so after visiting the two stores within walking distance of my apartment, I extended the search city-wide.

I have several problems with shoe shopping, one being that I apparently have the foot-size of an old-lady giant, and the other is that I absolutely hate spending more than $15 on a pair of shoes. My feeling with shopping, and especially shoes, is that if I paid a price for something five or ten years ago, I expect it to remain the same price for the rest of my life. For example, I used to have this amazing pair of bright purple tennis sneakers, which I bought for $5 at a store which no longer exists. What I should’ve done at the time was bought 20 pairs and just worn them on rotation, because now, similar shoes are $20, which I would never pay. Despite the fact that I have a full-time job and actually make money, when it comes to spending it, I still act like I only have $100 to my name! And I’m not going to spend it on dumb shoes!

However, I really needed new shoes, because the soles of my flats had literally peeled back and worn down so much, the back my heel was poking through. While I am probably the most frugal person I know, I don’t want to dress like one, so after a very exhaustive and frustrating search, with literally minutes left on the clock for the sale, I finally found a pair of black flats which I’ve promptly worn every day for the past week. And because the second pair was half off, they both averaged about fifteen bucks apiece! IT CAN BE DONE!


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