Pocket Purge

8 May

The weather has been all over the place lately. It’s rained for a solid week, but the temperature has ranged from humid and gross out, to freezing and gross out.  While I have a past history of having no idea what to wear in these situations, I’ve been getting better at checking on the weather the night before.  It’s been a lot of switch-ups in terms of outerwear lately!

Listen, I am not a shopper or obsessed with clothes at all, but I have a lot of coats! I also love sticking things in my pockets, so my daily attire of a blazer along with the coat I wear into work gives me plenty of opportunity to fill those puppies up! With my four spring coats, a rain jacket, two windbreakers, six blazers and a cape, the sheer variety of pocket options means I have been misplacing a lot of stuff.

On any given day, I collect a variety of ephemera that ends up in my pockets: bobby pins, rubber bands, loose change, toothpicks, my metro card, pens, chapstick, my credit card, receipts, random slips of paper with inspirational quotes, and my work id. In a nutshell, this means that 90% of these items are typically in the pocket of a jacket I’m not wearing.

Since I’m apparently on a constant quest to better myself and my organizational habits, I guess this means I need to go through my pockets and locate my credit card (semi-important) and the post-it I carry around with “Dreams are like illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you” written down (extremely important…but also does not exist in real life).


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