The Great Migration

14 May

Lots of changes at the office–namely we have a brand new one! After a year of hearing the rumors that we would be moving, and a crazy week of realizing we in fact were, we’ve officially moved into a brand new space. Now that we’re here, it’s a lot less traumatic than anticipated! Because no one really knew what  to expect, it was easy to become seriously bummed about the prospect of cube-land for all. Frankly, it’s not such a big change for me, since I was in a cube before, but now that everyone is in a cube, the talking and the phone ringing and the increased visibility of office life will take a little getting used to!

Of course, I was a little sad to leave my old desk behind, because that was my very first cube! No one ever forgets such a defining moment in their career….but seriously, I worked hard for that space! When I started working, I basically had a computer station, then a small amount of desk space, and then a shared desk before moving to my job now. And what memories we shared! The tears of joy I shed over seeing my little cardboard name placard, the famous peppermint pavilion….ok, so not too many memories. Listen…I still should have won that decorating contest! (Old wounds never heal!)

But there is nothing I enjoy more than the feeling of a fresh start, and this place definitely feels that way. I have a new plant, a nice desk lamp, and a fresh stock of pens. I also have some new cube mates, and things are going along swimmingly so far! We’ll see how they feel about me when I encase their staplers in jello! If that does happen for real, I swear it wasn’t me!


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