Desk Decor

17 May

Three days in the new office and there’s already trouble in paradise! Firstly, my lovely new plant that’s sitting on my desk seems to be attracting bugs, so I’ve had to start a daily regimen of spraying myself down with Deet before settling in for the day.  It seems to be working fine, save for the oily sheen all over my face!

Secondly, my desk decor seems to have struck a nerve with someone in my pod. I had my desk pretty much set up by Monday morning–because I haven’t been at my job for very long and I didn’t have an office, my previous decor was relegated to a few postcards, and of course my beloved (if buggy) plant! But one of my cube mates had an extra poster from his old office and asked if I wanted it for my desk. It fit the basic criteria–it was free–so I leaned it up against my cube. Less than an hour later, I was accused of “putting up a wall” by someone who sits near me.  But instead of simply asking me to move my poster, throughout the course of the day, I would come back to my desk to find it inching closer and closer towards my computer, until it was practically wedged behind it!

Obviously, the mature thing to do would’ve been to ask politely if anyone had moved my poster, and then engage in a dialogue over the best way to amend the situation. So obviously what I did was just move the poster back after they left for the night. I know, I know…reeeeaaallll adult of me.


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