Goodbye R&R!

30 May

Phew! What a week so far! I thought my post-three-day-weekend glow (or burn…) would last more than 15 minutes, but five minutes through the revolving office door and I was already crazy! The rest and relaxation I had experienced over the weekend was promptly shot to smithereens. After a maddening three weeks where I perused my way through countless blogs and articles, planned a trip to California, and bought way too many earrings from Forever21, I was looking for things to pick up…and as usual, I got what I asked for!

However, despite my lack of stress going into the weekend, it was still great to wind down. It’s really amazing what a difference that extra day makes! I soaked up the fresh mountain air and sun (and subsequently burned to a crisp), stoked my confidence by whopping my parents in tennis, and snacked on s’mores. It was great!

But that lovely zen feeling almost immediately dissipated when I got back to my apartment and spent the night tossing and turning in my scorching apartment. I finally fell asleep about fifteen minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off, and woke up an hour later! Not the way to ease into a week! Already frazzled (and frizzy), yesterday was a frenzy of phone calls, meetings and endless email chains. Today hasn’t been much different! Uh….when’s my next vacation???


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