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Out of Sorts

29 Jun

The latter half of this week has been a bit of a slog. After taking the day off on Wednesday, I came back Thursday morning in a bad mood, mostly because of a bad hair day, but more because I thought it was Friday. Then, I apparently thought it was Monday, when I asked my coworker how her weekend was! Basically, I was out of it. My brain has just been moving at a snail’s pace, while my daily responsibilities are requiring it to pick it up a few notches!

Taking a mental health day in the middle of the week really screws up my vibes! All day long, it felt weird not to be in work, and then all day yesterday when I got back, it felt weird to be in work! Since yesterday, I’ve been counting the minutes and have been getting irritated at each new task added to my list. The growing to-dos, the never-ending lists, the slow dragging hours, the tragic, tragic hair–I am in a funk.

There is pretty much nothing worse than the Friday funk, especially when half of the office is off playing softball and I’m stuck here, typing and making calls. Then the other half of the office is preparing for their upcoming vacations, while I’m stuck here…typing and making more calls. Weekend, please save me before I chop bangs in my hair in the office bathroom and raid the snack closet in a fit of frustration!

Workplace Bonding

26 Jun

Last night I went to the movies for the first time in probably two years….with my coworkers! Like I don’t see those people enough! I kid…(don’t want to get myself in any hot water around the coffee machine!) One of my coworkers suggested a movie night, and that sure beat my usual Monday night plans, which typically consist of eating cereal in my bed while watching Say Yes to the Dress, so I went! Too bad the movie wasn’t that great, but it was still a fun night out on the town!

I really love the work community these days–a lot of the people I work with are around my age, and it’s nice to be building relationships with people I see for almost half my day! Between this movie night, the occasional happy hour and our softball team, it’s been fun pal-ing around with my work friends! Plus, our new office really encourages a more social workplace, and you certainly don’t need to give me an excuse to jabber away to my cube mate about my new shoes, the weather…basically any opportunity to flap my lips, I’ll gladly take! But the feelings certainly seem mutual…at least my cube mates don’t seem to mind!

Regardless, everyone seemed to enjoy the bonding session last night, and there were a few more hellos in the hall and quippy emails peppering my day. Now if we could just get approval to see Magic Mike at the next movie night, that’ll really bring us all closer!

Summer on the Brain

22 Jun

Here is a list of things I feel like doing today:

1. Going to the beach

2. Eating ice cream

3. Swimming

And here is a list of what I don’t feel like doing today:

1. Working

2. Doing anything remotely productive

Ah, summer is here! Despite the fact I have a rather large to-do list today, my motivation is wavering pretty far down on the productivity scale! It’s like a switch went off in my brain the second the temperature started creeping up, any thoughts of work promptly replaced by play. This is my third summer out of school, so you’d think that at this point, I’d have less of a reaction to the summer=break equation. But alas, school lets out, and my mind is preoccupied by the tinkering of the ice cream truck and my next opportunity to work on my tan!

I wish I could still indulge in these summer joys, but I have a sizable amount of work that needs to get done. However, the toasty weather, the empty Friday office and the anticipation of my fun weekend plans are too distracting! I’ve been at work for two hours and have managed to get two things done, neither of which take an hour apiece! I need to clear my head….perhaps a trip to the gelato stand will get me back on track? Hey, it’s worth a shot!

Don’t Make Me Sing!

18 Jun

Last week was week three of (drumroll please!):

“My Totally Insane and Crazy Work Life, OMG How am I Supposed to Get All of This Done in Time, The Musical,” starring myself, a gigantic to-do list, and a post-work box of Franzia.

Life has been off the wall lately, but somehow, it’s all magically getting done and I’m having a lot of fun! Last week, I was given the opportunity to do some interviews on my own, and while I was a little nervous, it was a great experience! I really felt like a producer, and it was an awesome feeling. I did my research, wore my best blazer and put on my fake glasses, all in the name of looking professional and journalism-y. And it really paid off! I even sounded like a journalist…at least until the end of my first interview.

When we do an interview here, we’ll usually send it out to be professionally transcribed. I was looking forward to getting them back, and praying that I didn’t say “um”, “like”, or “totally” throughout the entire thing! But it’s always different reading things rather than how you remember actually saying them, and the end of my interview was a prime example of something being lost-in-translation on the page! While I was a little horrified at the time, it’s definitely funnier when you read it out of context:

INTERVIEWER: Cool.  Great.  Awesome.  Very nice.  Well, congratulations.


INTERVIEWER: Yeah.  [LAUGHS]  Congratulations on being alive.  [LAUGHS]

Ok, so….I know how that reads, but I swear it didn’t come off as cold-hearted and maniacal as that! In reality, this was a post-interview chat that just happened to be caught on tape! Plus, I definitely didn’t laugh! Maybe it was a chortle, or an innocent giggle, but a laugh? And you can take me at my word on this one, because a.) they didn’t punch me in the face post-interview and b.) they sent me a very nice thank you email. Regardless, I’m going to have to work on my closing number if I really want to be a star!

All That Sun Went to My Head

13 Jun

Ah, California was GREAT! I’m totally obsessed not only with San Francisco, but the person I was while there! I left a tightly wound, stressed-out workaholic, and came back a mellow, nicely tanned chick. There’s just something about the air in California that cleared out my brain and had me smiling all weekend!

There are a few differences between the New York me and the California me. For one, the New York me has bad hair. The California me embraced the awkward wave with aplomb! New York me wants to punch slow walkers in the neck. California me weaved cheerfully through the crowds. New York me gets burned to a crisp the second the sun peeks out from behind the clouds. California me also burns to a crisp, but it’s a California crispiness, and therefore fine. New York me stresses, California me strolls, takes naps in the middle of the day, eats burritos, and drinks Merlot!

Listen, I love New York, and spent a solid twenty-three years of my life pining to live here. But this city does come with a constant level of stress and motion that’s hard to shake. The second I got off the plane on Sunday, I was back to rushing–to the Airtran, subway, the cozy covers of my bed. Everything is done at a frenetic pace! Then Monday I was back into the craziness of work, which has only become crazier! Rewarding? Yes. Relaxing? …Not so much.

Six Hour Chill

8 Jun

I’ve decided I can never leave for vacation in the middle of the week again! I’m off to sunny California for the weekend, and it took me almost the entire six hour flight to wind down from my extremely stressful and crazy week!

I blame it on the fact I planned this West Coast jaunt when I had nothing to do and my August vacation seemed painfully far away. But this is a surefire way to end a streak of boredom, and sure enough, I was almost immediately assigned to two new projects and have had smoke coming out of my ears for the past ten days!

The mounting pressure at work had me so tightly wound, you probably could have snapped me like a slingshot to Chicago! But after some zen breathing, quinoa, and quality time with Joni Mitchell, I’m getting into the California spirit! Plus, I hawked off the rest of my work on the new summer interns, so at least through Monday, I’ll be trading my New York nerves for some California calm!

Swing battah, battah!

5 Jun

Last Friday started the summer softball season at work! Not only did I play, I wasn’t totally horrible! It was a good day all around! I felt even better about myself once I saw another player run to first base with the bat still in her hand. Compared to that, I was Babe Ruth!

Of course, I was ridiculously nervous to play–I wouldn’t exactly consider myself a softball player. Or an athlete. Or someone with any sort of hand-eye coordination. When I told my loving family I’d be playing, they laughed at me, and then reminded me that this wouldn’t be a game played with a plastic bat and waffle ball. So supportive of my athletic pursuits!

But the hype surrounding the game came to a screeching halt on Friday morning, when I was suddenly the only one of my work friends going to the game! Then when we got to the field, we were greeted with the other teams warming up in coordinated uniforms, lobbing curve balls, and doing calisthenics in the outfield! Then we didn’t even have enough people to make the two full teams, and had to borrow a few players from our opponents to fill the roster! And then…the promised bubble gum was sour apple. Morale=LOW.

But once we started playing, the competitive spirit and lovely summer weather brought us our very first win! I played the outfield, and never even came near the ball, much to my relief. I also managed to make it to first base and bring someone home! All in all a success! Plus it was a good excuse to get a free hat and a two-hour lunch break!