Swing battah, battah!

5 Jun

Last Friday started the summer softball season at work! Not only did I play, I wasn’t totally horrible! It was a good day all around! I felt even better about myself once I saw another player run to first base with the bat still in her hand. Compared to that, I was Babe Ruth!

Of course, I was ridiculously nervous to play–I wouldn’t exactly consider myself a softball player. Or an athlete. Or someone with any sort of hand-eye coordination. When I told my loving family I’d be playing, they laughed at me, and then reminded me that this wouldn’t be a game played with a plastic bat and waffle ball. So supportive of my athletic pursuits!

But the hype surrounding the game came to a screeching halt on Friday morning, when I was suddenly the only one of my work friends going to the game! Then when we got to the field, we were greeted with the other teams warming up in coordinated uniforms, lobbing curve balls, and doing calisthenics in the outfield! Then we didn’t even have enough people to make the two full teams, and had to borrow a few players from our opponents to fill the roster! And then…the promised bubble gum was sour apple. Morale=LOW.

But once we started playing, the competitive spirit and lovely summer weather brought us our very first win! I played the outfield, and never even came near the ball, much to my relief. I also managed to make it to first base and bring someone home! All in all a success! Plus it was a good excuse to get a free hat and a two-hour lunch break!


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