Six Hour Chill

8 Jun

I’ve decided I can never leave for vacation in the middle of the week again! I’m off to sunny California for the weekend, and it took me almost the entire six hour flight to wind down from my extremely stressful and crazy week!

I blame it on the fact I planned this West Coast jaunt when I had nothing to do and my August vacation seemed painfully far away. But this is a surefire way to end a streak of boredom, and sure enough, I was almost immediately assigned to two new projects and have had smoke coming out of my ears for the past ten days!

The mounting pressure at work had me so tightly wound, you probably could have snapped me like a slingshot to Chicago! But after some zen breathing, quinoa, and quality time with Joni Mitchell, I’m getting into the California spirit! Plus, I hawked off the rest of my work on the new summer interns, so at least through Monday, I’ll be trading my New York nerves for some California calm!


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