Workplace Bonding

26 Jun

Last night I went to the movies for the first time in probably two years….with my coworkers! Like I don’t see those people enough! I kid…(don’t want to get myself in any hot water around the coffee machine!) One of my coworkers suggested a movie night, and that sure beat my usual Monday night plans, which typically consist of eating cereal in my bed while watching Say Yes to the Dress, so I went! Too bad the movie wasn’t that great, but it was still a fun night out on the town!

I really love the work community these days–a lot of the people I work with are around my age, and it’s nice to be building relationships with people I see for almost half my day! Between this movie night, the occasional happy hour and our softball team, it’s been fun pal-ing around with my work friends! Plus, our new office really encourages a more social workplace, and you certainly don’t need to give me an excuse to jabber away to my cube mate about my new shoes, the weather…basically any opportunity to flap my lips, I’ll gladly take! But the feelings certainly seem mutual…at least my cube mates don’t seem to mind!

Regardless, everyone seemed to enjoy the bonding session last night, and there were a few more hellos in the hall and quippy emails peppering my day. Now if we could just get approval to see Magic Mike at the next movie night, that’ll really bring us all closer!


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