Out of Sorts

29 Jun

The latter half of this week has been a bit of a slog. After taking the day off on Wednesday, I came back Thursday morning in a bad mood, mostly because of a bad hair day, but more because I thought it was Friday. Then, I apparently thought it was Monday, when I asked my coworker how her weekend was! Basically, I was out of it. My brain has just been moving at a snail’s pace, while my daily responsibilities are requiring it to pick it up a few notches!

Taking a mental health day in the middle of the week really screws up my vibes! All day long, it felt weird not to be in work, and then all day yesterday when I got back, it felt weird to be in work! Since yesterday, I’ve been counting the minutes and have been getting irritated at each new task added to my list. The growing to-dos, the never-ending lists, the slow dragging hours, the tragic, tragic hair–I am in a funk.

There is pretty much nothing worse than the Friday funk, especially when half of the office is off playing softball and I’m stuck here, typing and making calls. Then the other half of the office is preparing for their upcoming vacations, while I’m stuck here…typing and making more calls. Weekend, please save me before I chop bangs in my hair in the office bathroom and raid the snack closet in a fit of frustration!


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