The March to Margaritas

13 Jul

Five o’clock is here, with just an hour to go! This has been a long week and I am whooped! I came in Monday morning expecting to be moderately busy, but plans quickly changed and the week motored by! Three thirteen-hour days, four humus wraps and a few pats-on-the-back later, I’m now sitting semi-comatose at my desk, researching happy hours. Friday ow ow!

Despite my exhaustion, this was a really great week, and I’m proud of the results! All the hard work and craziness from the last few weeks was all worth it when things went smoothly and everyone was happy. Regardless, it’s still hard to keep up that kind of work schedule, so it will be nice to wake up a little later than 6:30 am and sip–rather than guzzle–my morning joe!

But of course, it never really ends. Just minutes ago, while packing my purse and breathing a cleansing sigh of relief,  I got an email with one final time-consuming task! Looks like those margaritas will have to wait! O well…with my weekend waiting in the wings and visions of colorful cocktails dancing across my mind, I have my last gasp of motivation standing at the ready! Let’s do this…so I can bust out of this joint!


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