23 Aug

Vacation. Is. Almost. HERE! At this point, my mind is on one thing: VACATION. Do I feel like doing work? NO. Do I feel like going on vacation? YES.

In less than thirty-six hours, I will be lounging on the beach with a stack of books and an ice cream cone in each hand. It’s going to be divine! Even though I haven’t been that busy at work, I’m in desperate need of a change of scenery. It’s been months since my last long weekend, and a full year since my last bona fide vacay. This has been a fun summer, but the city really starts to wear on you after a while. The heat, the crowds, the constant hustle…this lady just needs to hit the beach!

This is actually the same vacation my family has been taking for the past twenty years, so at this point we have it down to a science: We will arrive, and then spend the next week alternating from lying on a lounge chair at the beach, to lying on a lounge chair at the pool. (Obviously, we are not a family of scientists…) So basically, my goals will be thus:

1. Get tan

2. Catch up on my magazines

3. See a dolphin

It’s going to be GREAT!


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