The Best Seat in the House

11 Sep

There are a few words I would use to describe myself, but “sports fanatic” is not one of them. Sure, I can be fanatical about some things, like say, collaging, or the particular configuration of my decorative sofa pillows, but about sports? Not so much. However, last night, I was TOTALLY INTO the US Open Men’s Tennis Final, so much so that I stayed at work until 9:30 PM just to watch it!

I don’t have a TV in my apartment, and when the match started at 4:30 PM, I figured they’d bang out the sets in a couple of hours and I’d be good to go! Four hours later, once the automatic blinds began dropping from the office windows and the lights started clicking off, they were just getting into the fifth set! At this point, I was literally the only person in the office, and was tempted to camp out in the conference room, where there is an enormous television hanging from the wall. But my fear of being caught by the cleaning crew with my feet up, combined with the eeriness of being in an empty office by myself, kept me hunched over my desk, an expense report open as a ploy!

Before the place cleared out, my enthusiasm over each amazing rally had to be stuffed inside, because a.) I was supposed to be working and b.) I didn’t want to bring out the wrath of my coworkers.  But once people went home, it was party time! It was such a good match, I was glued to the TV until the very end, cheering as each winning shot was slammed to the baseline and groaning when a bad one slapped against the tape! It was awesome! Yay, sports!

Hm, thinking about this in retrospect, I suppose it’s a testament to my vivid social life that this was how I spent my evening. Yikes…off to get a life now, or at least tickets to next year’s tournament!


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