Well, So Much For That

10 Oct

Let’s all recall just a few short days ago, when I was riding on Cloud Nine after successfully booking a much-needed interview. Let us also recall how that same cloud transported me through a pleasant business trip, dropping me off on a pillowy puff of work contentedness. Well yesterday, that fluffy cloud became a two-ton rock, plummeting me to the deep depths of panic, irritation, and snippiness. My entire day involved damage control–begging, bitching, and battling my way through every task. By the end of the day, I had given up on working and settled on banging my head on my desk until I was escorted out and put in a cab!

From the start, the day was doomed. I woke up late, and walked into work at the exact time my boss was heading down the hall. BUSTED! Then, after settling at my desk, I got a phone call from my beloved interviewee, who informed me they were cancelling. WHAT? That sent off a two-hour flurry of phone calls attempting to convince them to stay on board. Between begging, getting pissed, and then begging some more, I got them to stay! RELIEF! But then I had to change their flights and travel arrangements! STRESSFUL! By 3 pm, I was already fantasizing about the cupcake I would be treating myself to after work…followed by a hefty glass of wine!

Unfortunately, relief has yet to come. Last night, after stepping in a puddle and getting stranded on the subway for an hour because of an incident at my stop, I buried myself under the covers to hide from imminent doom! At 9 pm, I called it a night and prayed that my dreams would take me back to the lovely cloud I had so recently been floating on. No such luck! This morning, I was awoken with the news that my interview never even got on the plane last night! Almost immediately, I felt a wave of panic wash over me. That was then followed by supreme annoyance and the desire to punch something.  I think I should forgo that cupcake and head straight for the sheet cake! Or maybe a boxing lesson will do the trick–I’ll pound that negativity out if it’s the last thing I do!


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