Snack Stealers

30 Nov

mug shotOne of the wonderful things about working at this job is free snacks. In our old building, there was a snack closet regularly fortified with granola bars, trail mix, chips, and this one very exciting time, Peanut M&M’s. This closet used to be situated right outside someone’s desk, so while it was lovely to get a free snack, I always thought this person probably thought everyone that worked there was a big giant pig, since typically in the span of a week, forty-five people would manage to demolish an entire case of granola bars and a pallet of pretzels.

But now that we’re in our new office, the snack closet has been moved into the kitchen. This has eliminated the sting of judgement from coworkers after you reach for that third bag of gummy snacks in an hour, but it has also created the problem of people stealing our loot! Sure, our floor may be full of snackers, but the rest of the building has caught on to our treasure trove of treats and have allegedly been frequenting the kitchen and taking entire boxes of Nutri-Grain bars and pints of milk from the fridge! But beware, little thieves: WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE!

…Actually we don’t, which is why in the past two weeks, cabinet locks have been installed, a sign posted, and most guilt-inducing, a security camera. Isn’t corporate America fun?? The snatchers may be gone, but the judgement is back: now the security guards will know what I have for dinner at least three times a week…veggie chips and cashews make a surprisingly filling meal!

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