A Few Thoughts

18 Dec

I was originally planning on writing this post as a sort of “year in review,” but after the events of the last few days, it’s hard to think, and want to write, about anything else. It seems silly to reflect and gripe over the events of a rather ordinary year, when the lives of twenty-six extraordinary people and their families have been changed so abruptly and senselessly. Seeing the faces of the beautiful and innocent children whose lives were cut so heart-breakingly short is a stark reminder that we should all be living everyday to the fullest, something that so easily slips through the cracks in the day-to-day business of life.

I was home this weekend with my family, and it was hard to get into the spirit of the holidays when it seemed like the entire country was in mourning. But when all was said and done, it was comforting to decorate the Christmas tree, sing carols, and spend time with the people I love. It saddens me to think that the times we most appreciate our blessings are when they’re tested.

Of course, we can’t live life that way, jolted into an awareness of what we have and then shamed by the realization that we rarely recognize it. If there is anything positive to come out of such a tragedy, it’s to know how lucky we are and then to act that way.


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