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Beauty Queen

19 Jul

beauty salon_vintage_blog_chá_com_cupcakesI’m having some difficulties this week. I’m not talking in the emotional sense like usual, but more physically, by which of course I mean MY HAIR IS BECOMING A PROBLEM. This is because it’s approximately 100 degrees out, which is a level of heat my hair does not agree with. I’ve given up on wearing it down, since anything that comes in contact with the back of my neck will automatically burst into flames, and even attempting to style it when it’s up is useless, since it’s just so unbelievably humid! Instead, I’ve resorted to flipping my head over and gathering all my hair in a high ponytail. I briefly pretended that this style looked “sleek” and “fresh” like all the magazines say, and have now just accepted that looks “lazy” and “bad.”

And then there’s my face, which has rejected all applications of makeup after I emerged from the subway on Monday with mascara dripping halfway down my cheeks. I decided I’d adapt the more “natural” look which just really isn’t working for me. Plus, inexplicably, I have a scratch on the bridge of my nose that looks exactly like an errant Sharpie mark, so at least ten times a day, I’ve had to say, “Not Sharpie, it’s just my face this week” to curious coworkers.

Sheesh. If only the temperature would drop as much as my self-esteem has! I would say a trip to the salon would do the trick, but we all know how that usually turns out…

Back to School

17 Jul

classroom-hands-up_thumbI spent today in a training class for work, and if there was any doubt that I am done with school and lecturing and endless power-point presentations, today killed them off. I like learning new things, but seven solid hours of verboten manual reading had me crawling out of my skin! I was already getting jittery twenty minutes in, and by hour four, had covered  my notebook with middle-school scrawls and “Mrs. Dicaprio” signatures.

Needless to say, I’m definitely more of an active learner, or I’ve just gained a case of ADD since the last time I was in school.  Any time a meeting creeps past the 45-minute mark, I’m ready to jump through the roof, and the thought of training camp part 2 is giving me hives! Of course, this could simply be an example of how tightly strung I truly am. It’s not like I have a mountain of more important things to do, and I am actually gaining useful skills. But does it have to take so long???

How quickly you forget the structure of class schedules and lecture times when released into the real world. Sure, I don’t have free rein on my schedule now, but for the most part, I’m not chained to my desk or glued to a screen for hours at a time! I think it’s time to go back to yoga or practice the art of circular breathing…perhaps take a trip to a monastery to find my inner peace. But for now I’m going to reward myself for sitting still all day with an ice cream cone after work. Hey, those preschool lessons do come in handy after all!

A Renewal Reception

12 Jul

Vintage-New-YearSo amazingly, it’s been about a year and a half since I moved into my apartment in the city, and for the most part, it’s been great! Aside from a few blips on the radar–the drug addict neighbor next door, my alcoholic neighbor downstairs, and the general vibe that I’m living in a half-way house/an AA meeting site– there are a lot of things I love about my apartment and the surrounding neighborhood. Of course, number one is still the proximity to the subway, followed in close second by my non-working fireplace and crown moldings. Aesthetics are important to me!

My lease was running out at the beginning of the month, so a few weeks ago I sent my landlord an email asking him about the possibility of renewing. I’ve heard horror stories of rents being raised through the roof and was dreading the possibility that I’d be hunting for another apartment. I finally finished decorating this place…I was loathe to think about packing up all my throw pillows and decorative pottery for a new one! So when my landlord got back to me and asked me to call him later that night, I spent the rest of the day coming up with a list of reasons why he shouldn’t be asking for more rent. Two reasons, “Everyone that lives here is an alcoholic and nobody ever takes the trash out!” may have been near the top….

But not even 30 seconds into our conversation, my landlord said he’d be happy to have me renew and would only be raising the rent a mere $25! I was so relieved that it wasn’t $500, I said yes immediately and was off the phone in less than five minutes! So another year in the city it is! To celebrate, I think I’ll pour myself a drink! I’m fitting in here after all!

Perpetually Vacating

8 Jul

travelAh, nothing like getting away for a few days! I headed up to the Catskills for the holiday weekend and had a super relaxing time–ate lots of salads (potato, macaroni and otherwise), enjoyed nature, and got tan! It was great to get out of the city for a few days and avoid the hell-fire that is my apartment and New York City lately!

Of course, all good things must come to an end, and that end came at 6:30 this morning, when my alarm went off and I began the slog back to the city from New Jersey. There to meet me and pour me coffee was my mother, who actually enjoys getting up at that hour for a reason I will never comprehend. And then my dad drove me to the bus, which drove me to the city, where I grabbed the subway home to change for work, then took a subway back to work, and then walked to the office! Phew….I’m already ready for my next vacation!

Sigh…it seems like a few days is never enough. A few months ago, I went on a vacation to Turkey, and after an amazingly relaxing and stunning escape, I thought my vacation dreams would be somewhat sated! But no such luck…not even 3 days later, I was back on Tripadvisor, scoping out fares! And after getting into work at 10 AM this morning, by 10:15 I was already booking my next weekend trip and had swiped my credit card for a jaunt to Atlanta! I guess that’s why we work, to pay to get away from it!

Play Ball, Put Down Players

1 Jul

tumblr_ljqer4GzR21qenpbbo1_1280Friday was the second softball game of our summer season, and like last year, we’ve lost both games! Obviously we should all stick to our day jobs before heading off to Yankee Stadium for mid-season draft…if that’s what it’s called? …Or even exists?

Yea, I really don’t know anything about softball and, unsurprisingly, am not very good. But what I lack in skills, I make up for in sheer enthusiasm for sport!  So what if I showed up to Game One in jeans and Keds; my team spirit was enough to propel me to first base….where I was promptly tagged out. And who cares if my weak over-hand throw dribbled across the diamond to no one in particular; the intention that it go whipping across home plate was visible in my excitement alone! But apparently that’s no longer enough for this team, as we’ve now moved from a fun afternoon in the park to a cut-throat, competitive game where batting practice is mandatory and I get skipped over in the lineup to “give the team a chance.”

Ouch. Even my perpetual sunniness was no match for that burn! But that’s exactly what someone said to me at the last game, and it took every fiber in my body to not spit my comically large wad of chewing gun in their face! Listen, it would be one thing if every person on the team was hitting slammers into the outfield, or making basket-catches and throwing heat. (Baseball lingo courtesy of….) And unlike some people who strike out and still feel like they have the right to choose who bats and who doesn’t, for the sake of the team, I actually made contact with the ball twice. TWICE. Deal with that pal! Pretty soon, I’ll be taking my questionable softball skills and unfettered zeal off the field and to somewhere it will be appreciated!  Where that is exactly is yet to be determined…but wherever it is, it will be appreciated if it’s the last thing I do!

Curtains Up!

26 Jun

ImageAfter a VERY long hiatus, I’m picking up this blog again, mostly because I want to write about the injustice of our corporate softball team (more on that tomorrow) and the fact that they’re getting rid of the snack closet at work.

But in all honesty (and modesty) I’ve missed my daily musings on the important topics going on in the world, and figured that you, my ten loyal viewers, were as well. So starting tomorrow, I’ll be (ir)regularly posting updates about life at work, my rollicking social life, and everyone’s favorite topic, the current state of my hair and whether or not I should get bangs.

Happy reading!


7 Feb

ear_trumpet_editFor the past several days, I’ve been partially deaf in one ear. I finally took it upon myself to go to the doctor on Monday after a week of on-and-off hearing, headaches and vertigo, and it was discovered that I had a double ear infection! Well doesn’t that explain a lot! But part of the treatment to restore my hearing was to clog my ear up once again, with a medicated sponge that effectively sealed my ear off from disease but then also prevented me from hearing any sort of conversation or ambient noise.

Needless to say, things have been a little tricky this week. I haven’t really figured out the appropriate speaking volume when having conversations, and have been vacillating between yelling at people because I can’t hear myself, to speaking barely above a whisper, suddenly concerned I’m talking too loudly! Office gossip is a no go–can’t hear those stage whispers! Ordering from the cafeteria isn’t happening–I got a load of dreaded peppers on my sandwich when I clearly (…or unclearly…) heard him ask if I wanted pesto. I’ve basically resigned myself to sitting at my desk avoiding people–and unable to listen to music, the only sound I hear is the loud ringing in my other ear from over-exerting its hearing capabilities!

Fortunately,  tomorrow I head back to the doctor and will hopefully emerge with both ears back in tiptop shape. Then it will be an afternoon of apologizing to the many people I’ve stared blankly at, or unnecessarily smiled at instead of answering whatever question that may or may not have been directed at me. If only I took my college lip-reading seminar more seriously!