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Back on the Saddle

4 Sep

I’m back! After a lovely, wonderfully relaxing and uneventful week, it’s back to work! I’m a little tanner, much more relaxed, and BACK IN THE ZONE. I’m IN IT. In THE ZONE.

….Uh, not exactly. Vacation is just so nice! The expression “The best part of going away is coming back home” doesn’t really apply when you spend an entire week lounging on the beach with nary a care in the world! At home, I don’t sleep eleven hours a night! At home, I don’t have dessert after every meal and then not even care! At home, I don’t spend my day reading books and doing crossword puzzles. Instead, I work, and I eat salads, and I stay up until 2 am obsessing over my work outfit. Not quite as much fun.

However, I had a ten-hour car ride to get me back into the swing of things, and once I finally got back to my apartment and unpacked, I was actually looking forward to going to work. I went to bed early with butterflies in my stomach–it felt like I was getting ready for the first day of school! I even laid out an outfit and packed my lunch! I’m like a new woman! Like, a completely new woman.

My post-vacation motivation continued when I woke up early and managed to get to work a few minutes ahead of schedule. It felt nice to pen my daily to-do list and flush out my emails to start with a clean slate! Plus, everyone is in a good mood from the three-day weekend, so I’m feeling pretty good right now! We’ll see how long I can channel this clear-headedness before I’m surfing Trip Advisor for my next getaway!