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Mirror, Mirror

7 Dec

vintage-photo-of-woman-applying-makeup-240bes102710I have officially changed lives! Ah, such modesty…but the dinner I attended the other night was great! I was a little apprehensive both to give advice and sit at the table I was assigned to–a few reporters from the New York Times and a 60 Minutes producer were within arms reach! Fortunately I resisted fawning too shamelessly, and as much as I wanted to, did not ask the New York Times reporters how it felt to even walk into that building everyday and breathe air filled with excellent journalism! So all in all, I kept myself under control!

That’s the thing though: here I was, admiring my colleagues and fantasizing about what it would be like to have their careers, when all around me were students thinking the same thing about me! It was pretty illuminating on a personal level to see myself in these students, and then to recognize how much I’ve grown and the confidence I’ve gained since graduating. It was such a relief to know that I would never again feel so lost and terrified by the unknown. Of course, not every student was as over-dramatic as me, but the general consensus of really really wanting to be successful and not really knowing how/if/when it would be happening was something I could certainly relate to!

So all-in-all, it was a really cool night. Of course, not everything could go so smoothly, and I ended up choking on a forkful of Basmati rice right in the middle of reassuring a student that jobs do exist and she wouldn’t have to work at a Forever 21 for the rest of her life. It got pretty emotional–she thought I was crying, I thought I was dying…you know, just the usual dinnertime conundrum. But with a sharp rap on the back from her and some career advice from me, things ended pretty well and we formed an unbreakable bond! Whatever it takes to make a difference, right?!


The Tables Have Turned

4 Dec

untitledLast month, I was invited to be a mentor at my alma mater, and tonight is the dinner where I get paired up with my little minion! I’m not really sure what to expect out of it; considering I’ve only been out of school for a few years, it seems weird to think of myself capable of offering advice, especially when I think of how, ahem, gracefully I handled my own post-grad life! That doesn’t mean I’m not eager to share my pearls of wisdom with impressionable college students though! And I’m actually wearing pearls today! A perfect start, wouldn’t you say?

Listen, I know how lucky I am for everything that’s come my way–my great job in the field I studied, an apartment in a location that isn’t New Jersey, among other things–and it is pretty flattering to have other people think so too! It’s also funny to see how a year of relative stability has mellowed me out. If I had been asked to do this last year, my advice would’ve gone something like this: “Well, life after college is certainly interesting….DO NOT LIVE AT HOME WHATEVER YOU DO. DO NOT LIVE THREE HOURS AWAY FROM YOUR WORKPLACE. Can I ask you for some advice? Do you think I’m ever going to get hired full time? Do you think I should start looking for another job? Would you mind if I started crying right now, because I haven’t cried in a few hours and I just have to let it out.”

Fortunately, things won’t be happening that way this evening. Hopefully I can share my post-grad experience in a more eloquent manner than I would’ve last year and actually help someone out, while enjoying a lovely meal in the building I toiled away in endlessly just a few years ago! Full circle people! Also, God help my mentee…