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A New Year’s Fall

4 Feb


It’s been a really long and really busy few weeks! For the past month, every day has been a mad scramble to get everything done, balance six things at once, and avoid a stress breakdown in the last stall of the women’s bathroom.  For the most part, I accomplished two out of three…not bad odds, but not too good for my makeup regimen!

The long hours and busy days meant I was pretty much doing nothing with my life outside of the office, which was of course the one thing I wanted to avoid in the new year! January was a bit of a bust, but I’m determined to turn it around and get myself together! It’s going to take a few days to get back on track though, since working 14 hours a day instills a lot of bad habits and normal-life forgetfulness.  For example, I have come to believe it’s normal to drink ten cups of coffee a day and have three square meals of Nature Valley Granola bars with a side of Sunchips! I have forgotten how satisfying it is to leave myself enough time in the morning to blow-dry my hair into the semblance of an actual style! I am re-learning the art of actually having verbal conversations with people outside of frenzied text messages and one-line emails! O, how far I fall!

Needless to say, I’m looking forward to this week as a type of mega-catch up on life until the next wave of work-craziness comes rumbling in. I’m also looking forward to normal sleep. And lettuce. I need to figure out a better way to balance work…but in the meantime I’m just going to talk advantage of the calm and grab a coffee! …Some habits die harder than others!


A Sleepless Night

5 Nov

Well I’ve officially come to the conclusion that my neighbor is a drug addict. For the most part, I try not to make rash generalizations about people, but how else can I explain this guy? About once or twice a month, he will go on an hours-long rant through the night, filled with nonsensical ramblings peppered with obscenities. How a single person has enough anger and stamina built up to literally shout at the top of their lungs for six solid hours is a feat that can only be accomplished with the aid of some illegal substance! Either that or he’s possessed by a devil determined to ruin the Sunday evenings of a respectable apartment building in Upper Manhattan!

Unlike him, I have to get up in the morning, so pretty much the minute he started, I started banging on the wall that connects our apartments. If this had been the first time this had happened, maybe I would have exercised a little more haste, but I’ve been living here for a year and have been around the block with this whack job! Regardless, not my best plan. This only sent him further into rage, which started snowballing into slamming doors, him banging on the wall, and me leaping out of bed to dead-bolt my door. Crawling back under the covers, I popped in my headphones to drown out the noise, but four hours later, he was still in full psychopath mode, and I had gone through my entire “Please God, Let Me Sleep” playlist three times over!

Let me just explain how much I did not feel like dealing with this last night. I’ve been working like crazy the last few weeks and am tired enough as it is. Then yesterday, I spent the entire afternoon volunteering, using my minimal arm strength to heave branches and bags of leaves into the back of a truck. So what I was really looking forward to was a night of lethargy, not lunacy! And my night extended into the rest of my morning–after storming out of my apartment on my way to work, I yanked the front door open and the knob came off in my hand! Happy one year anniversary!

Casa de Critter

13 Sep

There are a lot of great things about living on my own. The independence, the privacy, the bragging rights…but one thing I don’t like is having to deal with the growing presence of little critters in my apartment. When I was living at home, my dad was master exterminator. He was the one who would suck up the disgusting clusters of lady bugs that freaked me out, or pluck an enormous daddy-long-legs from the shower curtain. Now these delightful tasks have fallen to me! Just this week, there was a giant bug lurking in my magazine stack, and an ant colony under my sink! But last night, it all culminated into quite possibly the most traumatic thing to happen to an apartment dweller: There was a MOUSE in my apartment! Insert screeching, shrieking, and terrified hopping at your own discretion.

The giant bug and the ant problem were easily solved with an overly enthusiastic spraying of half a can of Raid and more shrieking, but the mouse?! Ewwwwarggggggguhhhhhheeeeekkkk! There I was, peacefully lounging on my bed with a book, when, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a movement which sat me up so quickly, my neck is still sore! And there, at the base of a chair I will now never sit in again, was a mouse! A tiny, cute little brown mouse…WHAT? NO. RODENTS. UGH.

Of course, maturely, I immediately started screaming, which surprised the mouse. But instead of running towards whatever hole in came in, it ran closer to my couch! So I shrieked, dropped my book on the floor, and shouted “Get out mouse!” until it ran back under the chair! I then cautiously got down on the floor to see if it was still there, and then started freaking out some more before realizing it was just the chair leg! Regardless, I spent the rest of the night tip-toeing across the floor, running past the “mouse area” and ripping the covers off my bed, thinking there would be another one snuggled up!

I just got back from the store, where I purchased six boxes worth of traps. Although thinking about it now, the only thing worse than seeing a mouse is having to dispose of one! Let’s hope he went home…or at least started living at my annoying neighbor’s place! Ah, adulthood!

The March to Margaritas

13 Jul

Five o’clock is here, with just an hour to go! This has been a long week and I am whooped! I came in Monday morning expecting to be moderately busy, but plans quickly changed and the week motored by! Three thirteen-hour days, four humus wraps and a few pats-on-the-back later, I’m now sitting semi-comatose at my desk, researching happy hours. Friday ow ow!

Despite my exhaustion, this was a really great week, and I’m proud of the results! All the hard work and craziness from the last few weeks was all worth it when things went smoothly and everyone was happy. Regardless, it’s still hard to keep up that kind of work schedule, so it will be nice to wake up a little later than 6:30 am and sip–rather than guzzle–my morning joe!

But of course, it never really ends. Just minutes ago, while packing my purse and breathing a cleansing sigh of relief,  I got an email with one final time-consuming task! Looks like those margaritas will have to wait! O well…with my weekend waiting in the wings and visions of colorful cocktails dancing across my mind, I have my last gasp of motivation standing at the ready! Let’s do this…so I can bust out of this joint!

Six Hour Chill

8 Jun

I’ve decided I can never leave for vacation in the middle of the week again! I’m off to sunny California for the weekend, and it took me almost the entire six hour flight to wind down from my extremely stressful and crazy week!

I blame it on the fact I planned this West Coast jaunt when I had nothing to do and my August vacation seemed painfully far away. But this is a surefire way to end a streak of boredom, and sure enough, I was almost immediately assigned to two new projects and have had smoke coming out of my ears for the past ten days!

The mounting pressure at work had me so tightly wound, you probably could have snapped me like a slingshot to Chicago! But after some zen breathing, quinoa, and quality time with Joni Mitchell, I’m getting into the California spirit! Plus, I hawked off the rest of my work on the new summer interns, so at least through Monday, I’ll be trading my New York nerves for some California calm!

Goodbye R&R!

30 May

Phew! What a week so far! I thought my post-three-day-weekend glow (or burn…) would last more than 15 minutes, but five minutes through the revolving office door and I was already crazy! The rest and relaxation I had experienced over the weekend was promptly shot to smithereens. After a maddening three weeks where I perused my way through countless blogs and articles, planned a trip to California, and bought way too many earrings from Forever21, I was looking for things to pick up…and as usual, I got what I asked for!

However, despite my lack of stress going into the weekend, it was still great to wind down. It’s really amazing what a difference that extra day makes! I soaked up the fresh mountain air and sun (and subsequently burned to a crisp), stoked my confidence by whopping my parents in tennis, and snacked on s’mores. It was great!

But that lovely zen feeling almost immediately dissipated when I got back to my apartment and spent the night tossing and turning in my scorching apartment. I finally fell asleep about fifteen minutes before my alarm was supposed to go off, and woke up an hour later! Not the way to ease into a week! Already frazzled (and frizzy), yesterday was a frenzy of phone calls, meetings and endless email chains. Today hasn’t been much different! Uh….when’s my next vacation???

Getting Myself Together

3 Apr

It’s been a really busy few weeks! For two weeks straight, I was working on week-of-air pieces, which meant many late nights and zero time for anything else. When last Friday night rolled around, I surveyed the sorry state of my apartment: two weeks worth of clothes I hadn’t put away, a huge pile of laundry I hadn’t done, and a fridge holding a moldy head of lettuce and a bottle of maple syrup. Instead of tackling any of this mess, I promptly collapsed into bed and watched two episodes of Mad Men before falling asleep on top of my keyboard. The life I lead!

But Saturday–you could not stop this. I cleaned my apartment like my life depended on it! I folded clothes, organized my dresser, color-coordinated my closet, dusted, vacuumed, mopped, scrubbed, washed, windexed, wiped and swept until there was not a corner of my apartment left unscathed from my scouring. Then I did laundry, returned my library books, grocery shopped, went for a run, and met my friends for dinner and drinks. SHA-BOOM. PRODUCTIVENESS.

I’m realizing that my life lately is all or nothing–and mostly that means all work and nothing else. I usually consider myself a really good multitasker, but I can’t seem to multitask both my work and social lives these days.  But Saturday was really refreshing because I felt like I was able to get myself back in order and clear my head. Now I just need to learn to intersperse these moments of at-home productiveness into my busy work weeks so I can avoid spending two hours of my weekend scrubbing my bathroom tiles!