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Sunday, Funday….Workday? (Part 2)

20 Jul

There are only so many times you can hear “Hotel California” in a single car ride before it starts to grate on the nerves. Between Boston and Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, I literally heard snippets of it at least a dozen times. It’s an OK song, but seriously? Of all the songs in the world available for a summer radio play list, that’s the one on rotation? Needless to say, I was more than eager to get there.

Surprisingly, I was making good time, and thought maybe, just maybe, I might actually be on time to something! But alas, I was not. Because alas….I once again got lost.

Now, lost is perhaps not the best phrase for what happened. I was following the directions, I was on all the right roads, I just couldn’t seem to find the particular street I was looking for. So I crawled all the way through traffic on one side of the road, and thinking this particular road had ended, turned around and crawled all the way back. And then I turned around and did that two more times before finally pulling over at a gas station and asking where the hell this town was! Well it turns out I was cutting this road short by about 500 feet, and sure enough, I found the turn off and was pulling into the parking lot a half hour late.



Ahem, anyway, the rest of the day went really well, the weather was beautiful, and I got a taste of my future in the biz. (That’s what people “in the biz” say, right?) But typically, entry-level imps like me don’t get to run a shoot on their own, and I was loving it! Too bad it lasted a measly hour, just long enough to get a few breaths of fresh air before packing in the car and going back from whence I came!

Obviously, the trip back was a breeze, since at this point, I had pretty much surveyed every square mile of road between New Hampshire and Boston. And thankfully, the airport was heavily signed, so I was able to get an earlier flight! I was back roasting in my apartment by 8 pm, relishing in my new “professional journalist” role. Did New Hampshire give me a big head?? No, no, definitely not…..

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Business Lunch

16 May

Power suits on people!

Last week was my very first business lunch, and I suited up, put on my best business face, and ordered the most expensive thing on the menu! Thank goodness for my colleague’s expense account!

I’ve eaten lunch with coworkers before, but this was in an actual restaurant and our guest was an author we were interested in getting to work with us on an upcoming project, so the stakes (steaks?) were higher than the normal luncheon chit-chat.

My coworker and I were supposed to meet our guest at 1, but she decided last minute she had other things to do at the office and sent me to the sharks alone to meet our lunchtime companion and make small talk before she showed up. Now, I have no problem making conversation with someone, but I was a little intimidated. Here I am, an entry level employee, trying to keep the interest of a published author three times my age, which simultaneously trying to decide between the chopped salad and a cheese platter! But things went decidedly well–we talked about her son, I explained why we were interested in working with her, and then we sipped water awkwardly and checked our phones.

But finally, my coworker decided to make her appearance, and we ordered lunch and chatted away. I did end up going for the chopped salad, and relished in its over-priced free-ness. Overall, it was a successful afternoon–I was able to show my stripes,  and the author is going to work with us! Plus, did I mention the free meal?

It was fun though, going out for a business lunch like a true professional. Since my past jobs had me eating stale bagels at 3 in the morning and cold take-out for dinner, this was a welcome change. Just another reason to love what I do!

A True Promotion

16 Mar

The past few weeks have been so crazy and I’ve been so preoccupied with commuting and apartment hunting and life that I’ve forgotten to share one of the best parts of my new job: MY CUBICLE!

Yes, talk about a promotion! First, it was a table top, then someone else’s desk that I borrowed overnight, and now I have my very own 4×4 cubicle to call my own! Despite the fact that I barely had a second to think last week, I still managed to scrounge up some photos to tack to the foam-core and spruce the place up! Right now, I have a lighthouse calendar (it was either that or “Houses of Faith.” Thought I’d keep it secular), some Barcelona postcards, and a New Yorker magazine cover. So very corporate! I still have to get an official pen mug, but I have so much desk space, I barely even need it!

But the pinnacle of my cubicle experience occurred last Friday. After an incredibly intense week, I walked into work to find that an official typed name tag had been slid into the plastic holder outside my space. It was like everything I had prayed for and cried over and dreamed about was suddenly justified in just a three-inch piece of poster board! If only I could remember these small joys as I’m breaking down in hysterical tears over another 10 mile traffic back up and cursing life! Well first the cubicle, and then life-control.

My Last Night at Work

13 Feb

Before you read the rest of this post, click here, and hit play. Trust me…it’s all part of the blog experience.

Ok, so now that you’re into it, hopefully you’re getting to the chorus. I really love this song, even though those are the only lyrics I know. The chorus works in a variety of situations: charting the last seconds on the microwave, the moments before the next Glee episode, and of course, the last few hours of my shift tonight! In just six hours, eleven minutes and thirteen seconds, I will be closing yet another door on yet another job that didn’t quite work out.

Overall, this was a better experience than my last job, and no tears were shed! But I can’t say I particularly enjoyed myself: the hours were absolutely horrible and for two out of the three months I worked here, I worked two days a week. Thankfully, it was much more temporary than I had anticipated, which is a pleasant and unexpected surprise!

So I’ll be spending my final shift doing what I did on my first shift–staring at a wall and reading about 1,000 New York Times articles. But without this job, I wouldn’t have gotten my next job, so all those hours led to more than just sleep deprivation and a coffee addiction.

My biggest hope is that my new job becomes a steady, long-term position. I’m tired of worrying about my career and where/when/how I’m going to get there. This is the biggest and most positive step towards it I’ve been able to take, and I’m really excited! And I’m already on job three of the average seven people have in their lifetimes, so I better slow down this progression before I use up all my opportunities by 23!

Ego Trip

31 Jan

Phew! What a night! After a shaky start, Sunday continued to prove that I should’ve just stayed home.

Now, I get it. I am at the ABSOLUTE BOTTOM of the chain here, and considering most of the people who work here had my job at one time, I’m sure they too encountered the criticism and the rudeness that has become commonplace. And maybe when/if I get promoted, I’ll be a raging bitch to the people on staff. But tonight, it sucks, and has been pretty relentless since I walked in the door.

Here’s a sampling of the conversations I’ve had:

While asking the editor to take a call:

Me: Excuse me, someone’s on the other line for you.

Editor: (after taking the call) Next time, write the message on a post-it, because when you scream at me, it makes me lose my train of thought.

Ok, so I sit approximately 12 INCHES away from this person, and MOST DEFINITELY did not scream.

While on the phone with a frazzled producer:

FP: I need you to get me the number for so-and-so NOW. IT’S URGENT.

Me: (taken aback) Sure thing. Just give me one sec.

Shall we talk about screaming now? Because she was MOST DEFINITELY screaming at me.

While exchanging light conversation with someone talking about their Saturday night:

Me: That’s such a great story! Haha, hilarious.

STASN: Yea, we can’t talk about this right now, I need you to do something for me.

Wait, we weren’t talking about anything. You were telling me about your night.

While sitting there in silence doing absolutely nothing with my supervisor:

Supervisor: Can you call the IT department for me, my computer isn’t working.

Me: Sure, what’s wrong with it?

Supervisor: I need you to call IT! Get somebody down here to fix it.

Of course, when I called, they wanted to know what was wrong with the computer. Response: It won’t start. Cut to the next five minutes of relaying conversation between the IT guy and my supervisor, who was sitting there eating dinner while I tried to figure out a problem on a computer that’s NOT EVEN MINE.

I only have an hour left in my shift, but who knows what else can happen. It’s a battlefield around here and I’m apparently surrounded by land mines.