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26 Nov

So I’m back at work after a week home in New Jersey. After the month I’ve had, what better place to wind down than home, in New Jersey, with my parents.  Yay! When I told my friend my plans, she looked at me funny and then asked if that was the most relaxing idea I had. But six back-to-back yoga classes in preparation later, I felt as ready as I could be!

It’s not that I don’t like being home, and of course I love my family, but the second I touch down on Jersey soil, I seem to revert back to my seventeen-year-old self in the eyes of my family members! If my family was large enough for a kids table, I’d be sitting at the head! My grandma gave me bubbles for a Thanksgiving gift! Instead of wine, my ten-year-old cousin and I sipped identical glasses of apple juice. No one seems able to soak up the fact that I’m an adult who likes red wine!

Of course, my attempts to play up my independent life in the city only lead to my grandma grilling me on why I’m not home more often. “It’s so good to see you!” quickly transitioned to “It’s been so long since we’ve seen you!” which then ended in “What is it that you do that you can’t be home more often?” Ah, family. Doesn’t it sound relaxing???

But when all was said and done, it really was a lovely and much-needed week of fresh air, sleep and home-cooked meals. I also rediscovered my high-school love of Dashboard Confessional and wearing Ugg boots in public. I wonder where my family gets this idea that I haven’t grown up….


No TV For Me

10 Nov

On Tuesday night, one of the biggest specials I’ve worked on since starting this job aired. This was the show I had slaved over tirelessly for the past month, attending shoots I had meticulously planned, working late, coming in early….and it turned out great! I was really excited to see it air because when you put so much work into something, and care so much about it, you want other people to see it and appreciate it too. Of course, they won’t appreciate it with the same obsessiveness, but still, it’s always nice to get positive feedback!

Usually when a show I had worked on is airing, despite the fact that I’ve already seen it at least a dozen times beforehand, I’ll watch it at home, and I’ll make sure that everyone watching with me does so in complete silence, to get the full effect of the majesty that is my work life. Modesty aside…cough cough…it’s fun to watch it on TV! However, this time was a little different, because I no longer have one. And it’s not because I don’t want to pay for cable, or because I’m eschewing television for a simpler lifestyle. No, it’s because my dad gave my television away to a flea market.

Here’s the story: Before I moved into my apartment in college, a friend of ours gave me her old TV. This transaction transferred ownership from her to me. It was now my television. And what great times we had together! Watching movies on snowy afternoons, sharing in the grandeur of the 2010 winter Olympics…it was emotional. When I moved back home, I left it in the basement, under a table, out of everyone’s way. Then, when I was getting ready to move into my apartment now, I went to gather up my belongings and found my TV missing from the mix. Where could it be? It’s was a television for Pete’s sake, it’s not like stuff like that just disappears!

Well apparently it does. Despite the fact that I lived with my parents, and was in communication with both of them rather often, my dad made the executive decision to pick up this TV, load it in the back of the car, drive it two hours to the Catskills, and donate it to a flea market. After explaining this to me, my natural first question was “Why?” Why exactly would you go through all that trouble when it was likely that I would someday be moving out of the house and would be in need of a television?

Well naturally, my dad told me that he just assumed the next time I was looking for a TV, I would want a flat screen. Right, because after spending an insane amount of money on rent and furnishing an entire apartment, the next thing I’d want to spend my money on is a $500 flat screen TV when I already had a perfectly functional one IN THE BASEMENT.

And that, ladies and gentleman, is why I now have no TV, flat screen or otherwise, and did not watch my show on Tuesday  night.