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The Tables Have Turned

4 Dec

untitledLast month, I was invited to be a mentor at my alma mater, and tonight is the dinner where I get paired up with my little minion! I’m not really sure what to expect out of it; considering I’ve only been out of school for a few years, it seems weird to think of myself capable of offering advice, especially when I think of how, ahem, gracefully I handled my own post-grad life! That doesn’t mean I’m not eager to share my pearls of wisdom with impressionable college students though! And I’m actually wearing pearls today! A perfect start, wouldn’t you say?

Listen, I know how lucky I am for everything that’s come my way–my great job in the field I studied, an apartment in a location that isn’t New Jersey, among other things–and it is pretty flattering to have other people think so too! It’s also funny to see how a year of relative stability has mellowed me out. If I had been asked to do this last year, my advice would’ve gone something like this: “Well, life after college is certainly interesting….DO NOT LIVE AT HOME WHATEVER YOU DO. DO NOT LIVE THREE HOURS AWAY FROM YOUR WORKPLACE. Can I ask you for some advice? Do you think I’m ever going to get hired full time? Do you think I should start looking for another job? Would you mind if I started crying right now, because I haven’t cried in a few hours and I just have to let it out.”

Fortunately, things won’t be happening that way this evening. Hopefully I can share my post-grad experience in a more eloquent manner than I would’ve last year and actually help someone out, while enjoying a lovely meal in the building I toiled away in endlessly just a few years ago! Full circle people! Also, God help my mentee…