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Goodbye 2012!

28 Dec

vintage_new_yearAh, the end is near! Just a few more hours of work, a few more days of skiing, a few more resolutions to accomplish before this year is OVER! 2012 was momentous year! …Well, sort of…A thrilling twelve months!…Eh, not really…An exhilarating display of excitement! …Um, not exactly….OK. 2012 was a pretty average year. Nothing really exciting happened, but nothing too earth-shattering either. It was just a year of settling into day-to-day average life–a steady job, a steady living situation, a steady brain–I finally turned down the dial on the crazy-meter and became a normal person again! Wahoo!

There’s nothing wrong with being normal, and it’s nice to finally feel like my ducks are in a row. Everyone seems to have noticed the wave of sanity and clear-headedness that’s taken over since my move to the city, and I feel so much happier and more confident than I did just a year before! However, it’s in my nature to want things to be happening all the time! Especially now that some of the larger obstacles in life have been left in the dust, I feel like it’s time to mix things up. But where to start? Yes. HOBBIES!

My attempts at hobbies this year led to a failed attempt at joining a show choir, a cello gathering dust in my closet,  and many hours spent contemplating joining a co-ed soccer team before reminding myself how bad I am at sports. But I was still getting into the groove of working and city life, and trying to figure out what I liked to do after my old hobbies of crying, complaining about commuting, and crying some more proved to be unnecessary. Now that that’s behind me, I’m ready to wipe that slate clean and start participating in things that will make me cool. Already, I’ve joined a book club, have an audition for an a cappella group, signed up for a monthly craft night, and scheduled a cello lesson. O…none of these things are cool? Well, at least 2013 will be filled with un-cool hobbies, instead of no hobbies at all! I am pumped! Happy New Year everyone!