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O, Hello Outfit! You’re Great.

26 Sep

So I am pretty obsessed with my outfit today! Not to sound vain (which it will) but I look good! It has all the elements of a winning ensemble: I look professional, it includes a blazer, and someone told me I look like Jackie O. I would put this firmly in the “success” box.

Like everything else I do in the morning, picking my outfit is always an ordeal. Because I have yet to discover the merits of laying something out the night before, I spend five minutes perusing my closet, while simultaneously brushing my teeth and attempting to locate my keys. But today, the fashionistas were in my favor! After flipping through my coats with fifteen minutes left to get out the door, I discovered a blazer I had forgotten about, with a shirt on the hanger underneath which I had also forgotten about! This lovely ensemble paired with a good hair day put me in wonderful mood and I’ve been productive and chipper all day!

Listen, it’s not like I dress like a slob, but most of the time, my philosophy about my wardrobe is “Thank God this looks good because I got dressed in two minutes.” So when I not only look but then feel especially fashionable, it’s a true feat! Maybe this will inspire me to finally start planning my outfits the night before, in an attempt at repeating this marvelous day! Then who knows what that could lead to–I can only dream it would involve pre-made lunches and an organized purse! Well…we all have aspirations, don’t we?


I Was Early To Stuff This Weekend

12 Mar

This weekend was full of rarities, namely that I was early to lots of stuff! This almost never happens–I typically have no idea what time I’ll be able to get somewhere until I’m on my way out of the office. Since my work hours change so rapidly, making plans goes something like this:

Text to my friends: I can totally leave work at 6:30 tonight and I’ll be on time! Crazy!

20 minutes later: 

Me: I’m stuck at work, I’ll text you when I leave.

10 hours later:

Me: I’m still at work….this stinks! We’ll hang out soon!

Ok, so maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but there have been many nights where I’m heart-set on heading out only to get roped in and stuck at work for hours on end. But Friday night was a lucky night, where I was not only able to leave work at a reasonable hour, but I made it to a birthday party before the birthday girl herself! Not only was I early to dinner, but took a cab with some friends afterwards and made it to karaoke night early! Then the next day, I managed to catch the trains just right and got to an improv show early enough to pick up everyone’s tickets! It was magical. And it didn’t stop there! On Sunday, I did my laundry, and after dropping it off headed to the library to drop of my books….a day early! Then when I came back to the laundromat, there was a minute left on the dryer! EARLY!

Of course, this strike of promptness didn’t last through this morning, when I woke up a half hour late. Sigh. It was fun while it lasted!